The FOP Needs Your Help In Opposition of HB1740, Which Seeks to Change the LEOBR

The Maryland General Assembly, House Judiciary Committee, is scheduled to discuss HB1740 Baltimore City – Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights – Hearing Board on Friday, April 6, 2018. This bill is sponsored by the Baltimore City Delegation.

The FOP is OPPOSED to HB1740 because it legislates changes to the Law Enforcement Bill of Rights and has state wide implications for officers in every jurisdiction. This bill seeks to implement the following:

1. A law enforcement officer is not entitled to a hearing board under this section if the law enforcement officer receives probation before judgment for a felony or for a misdemeanor charge carrying a potential sentence of imprisonment for more than 1 year.
(Currently officers are entitled to a hearing board upon receiving probation before judgment)

2. It also seeks to legislate in Baltimore City, through the LEOBR, that the Chief can appoint civilians to a hearing board. The language as written would allow a chief to appoint 1,2 or all civilians to a hearing board.
(Currently the LEOBR allows civilians on a hearing board. However, this has to be negotiated with the bargaining group. This bill seeks to remove that ability from the city FOP. If allowed, this could have effect all jurisdictions by allowing entities to bypass the negotiation process and legislate your rights away)

3. It also seeks to allow the Chief to review the findings of a hearing board and accept, reject or otherwise modify the findings, conclusions and recommendations, as the Chief determines, at the Chiefs full discretion.
(This would allow a Chief to change a not guilty to a guilty or modify any part of the board’s findings and remove fairness from the hearing board process by rendering it useless)

This legislative session ends Monday, April, 9, 2018 at midnight and the city delegation is working hard to get this to a vote before the session ends. We are working hard on our end in Annapolis but the more contacts we can make with each committee member, the better our chances are of defeating this bill.

Please email the members of the House Judiciary Committee using the email addresses we have provided and send the following:

I am opposed to HB 1740- Baltimore City – Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights – Hearing Board and respectfully request that you vote in opposition of this bill.

House Judiciary Committee members email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,





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