Motions From The Executive Board of Directors Meeting On March 16, 2020

Motions from the Executive Board of Directors Meeting On March 16, 2020

Due to the cancellation of the March 23, 2020 General Membership meeting the motions from the Executive Board meeting are being posted to give the membership the opportunity to review the approved expenditures. The Constitution and Bylaws,


SECTION 1: Except for specific provisions contained in the Constitution and Bylaws, no funds shall be authorized for expenditure without the approval of the Executive Board of Directors.

Nothing in this article shall usurp the authority of the General Membership to review expenditures by the Executive Board of Directors and to disapprove the expenditure via appropriate motion at a General Membership Meeting.

We are unable to have a General Membership meeting in March and possibly in April if this COVID19 crisis continues. However, the business of the organization must continue. If the membership has a strong objection to any of the above motions and expresses them to me in an email by close of business on Friday, March 20, 2020, we will consider the motions as approved. If, however, there is a strong objection to any of the motions, we will hold them until we can have discussions at a General Membership some time in the future.

Thank You

Dave Rose

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