Motions from the FOP Lodge #4 Board of Directors Meeting April 20, 2020

The FOP Lodge #4 Board of Directors Meeting was held on April 20, 2020.

This meeting was through Zoom and 18 members of the board did participate. Brother Tom Scally did attempt to join in the meeting two times but was unable to join in.

Legal Counsel Mike Davey also joined the meeting.

There were two motions made at the meeting. The motions are listed below.

Motion: Brother Franks made a motion that Lodge #4 send up to 5 members of the peer group to the Concerns of Police Survivors’ National Conference held in Oklahoma City November 6-8, 2020. The cost would be $5500.00 for the 5 members. This motion was seconded by Sister Kraemer. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion: Under Donation review Brother Franks informed the board that 2 of the donations that were passed in March are not being made now due to COVID-19 cancellations of the events. They were the Md. Law Officer’s Hockey tournament and the Saving Our Young Baltimore law enforcement football camp.

Brother Franks did advise that the $1,000 donation to the Baltimore County COVID-19 Response Fund, which is working with the MD Food Bank and local venders to deliver food to families throughout Baltimore County passed last month. After this donation was made there was further discussion as to Lodge #4 making additional donations during this crisis.

VP Massey made a motion to make another $1,000.00 donation. The motion was seconded by Sister Patterson. The motion passed unanimously.

Brother Caskey asked if the lodge received any public recognition for the donation. Brother Don Patterson advised that President Rose has been sending information out in emails and also through our social media and this donation was included in one of the March posts. President Rose advised that this will be included in our future social media post.

If there are any objections to the above motions please contact the lodge to discuss the issue.

Correction to the newsletter under bereavements, Jean Ather was the mother of Bro. Tracy Ather.


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