Nationwide Retirement Solutions Webinar

The FOP has been in discussions with the County Deferred Compensation provider and has asked them to host a webinar to answer questions relating to deferred compensation and retirement. We have arranged for the webinar to be on 3 different dates and times to accommodate different schedules. Please register in advance.

Whether you’re a few months or a few years from your retirement date, you may already be thinking about what you should be doing to prepare.  Knowing how you want to live in retirement can help you determine: 

  • How to arrange retirement plan payouts
  • Whether your resources will provide enough income
  • How to help your 457(b) account catch up with your dreams

Let us help you understand your options so you can bring your retirement plans to life.

September 15, 2020  @1000 hours   Sign up here

September 17, 2020  @1700 hours   Sign up here

September 23, 2020 @ 1100 hours  Sign up here

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