Message from President Dave Rose

The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) continues to impact our daily lives, but we at FOP Lodge #4 remain committed to supporting our members. As first responders, our duty to service means placing ourselves at the front line of response efforts and increasing our own risk of exposure to this worldwide health pandemic. Just last week, two of our officers tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and as of today 35 have been quarantined for a period of time for possible exposure.

As we strive to meet this challenge, we encourage you to take every precaution possible to ensure the continued health and safety of you and your families. Remember to use the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) even on the most routine calls and if you are not feeling well, please stay home. While you and your co-workers continue to demonstrate immense bravery through your service, remember that the most heroic step you can take to stop the spread is to stay home.

To help ensure our members have access to the equipment they need, FOP Lodge #4 recently accepted and distributed two donations of 500 N95 masks from Universal Packaging in Cockeysville as well as a donation of 3,000 surgical masks. As a lodge, we’ve also been doing our part to support the communities who have been most impacted by this pandemic. Our Executive Board of Directors unanimously approved a $1,000 donation to the Baltimore County Response Fund to supply approximately 450 families with fresh food from local vendors.

With Maryland’s caseload continuing to grow, so is our commitment to fulfilling our duties to precincts across Baltimore County. As president, I continue to participate in daily conference calls with Chief Hyatt, her Command Staff and the Incident Management Team and provide input and suggestions on behalf of the FOP. Our Lodge also assumed a local and statewide leadership role last week when we submitted a letter to Governor Hogan, County Executive Olszewski, Senate President Ferguson and House Speaker Jones requesting they declare any illness or injury related to COVID-19 a work-related presumption for worker’s compensation. I have asked the Maryland State FOP Lodge, Baltimore County Firefighters Local 1311, and BCFPE LOCAL 4883 to join me in making the same request of our local and state leaders.

While we await their response and hopeful action, please keep personal documentation about the types of calls you respond to, the people you have had contact with, at work and in public, and your use of PPE. This will be your best protection and evidence in the event you have to file a COVID-19 worker’s compensation claim.

The leadership of FOP Lodge #4 would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for your service, in these historic and unprecedented times. Should you or a family member be instructed to self-quarantine, know that we are here to help. To stay updated on the issues impacting our members, visit and follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.

Dave Rose

FOP Lodge #4 Letter to Governor Hogan and County Executive Olszewski

Governor Hogan COVID 19
County Executive Olszewski COVID 19

Today I requested the Maryland State FOP to join Baltimore County FOP Lodge 4 in requesting the Governor and County Executive take all necessary actions to protect public safety members and make those who contract the COVID-19 virus a presumption for worker’s compensation.

Additionally, letters were sent to Senate President Ferguson, Speaker Jones and Delegate Pat Young, Baltimore Delegation Chairman.

We must do everything we can to protect those who protect us.

Dave Rose

Message From President Rose

The leadership of FOP Lodge #4 would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for your service, in these historic and unprecedented times. The COVID-19 virus has changed our daily routines and lives. As law enforcement officers and first responders, we know you are taking every precaution possible to stay healthy and safe and appreciate your service as you continue to protect the public and maintain order no matter the circumstances.

In support of your efforts, our offices will remain open and shall be for the foreseeable future to assist you in any way possible. We are reachable by phone and email to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding scheduling, overtime and general information.

During this State of Emergency, we continue to work hard for the membership. I, along with First Vice President Massey, have visited every precinct to speak with the members about the impact of this global pandemic. Since preparation for COVID-19 began, I’ve participated in daily conference calls with Chief Hyatt, her Command Staff and the Incident Management Team, to provide input and suggestions from the FOP.

FOP Lodge #4 has also communicated with the National Lodge officers to inquire about LEOSA qualifications for retirees. As of now, the President cannot waive or extend the qualification requirement. The provision requiring qualification is contained in the law, not in a regulation. He is unable to waive a provision of law unless the law permits. The National FOP is currently trying for a temporary suspension of the qualification requirement included in the emergency legislation currently being debated in congress. As updates become available, they will be provided.

In addition, we are finalizing an agreement with the County Administration for the July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 Memorandum of Understanding. Upon completion, the agreement will be distributed to you and will begin the ratification process.

To stay updated on COVID-19, worker’s compensation rights, EEOC guidelines and other relevant information, visit and follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Profiles.

You are integral to our FOP family and we care about the well-being and of you and your loved ones.

We thank you for being on the front lines in the daily fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Dave Rose

Business Services Offered to Our Members During COVID-19 Pandemic

These businesses are offering services to our members during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is for information purposes only. Lodge #4 posts these unsolicited offers without any guarantees of service reliability or product merchantability and no products or services listed are endorsed by Lodge #4. Lodge #4 specifically disclaims responsibility for the information provided by vendors and disseminated through this medium. Please confirm everything with the contact person. Lodge #4 reserves the right to refuse to list any business or discontinue the listing at anytime, for any reason. We will try an update the list as much as possible.

Fresh Cycle Cleaners 175 Poplar Place 21222 Kimberly Flood 410-935-4794
Holiday Inn Express Hunt Valley 11200 York Road 21030 Nicole Conrad 410-527-1500

EEOC Issues Guidance on the ADA and Pandemics

On March 19, 2020, the EEOC issued an updated a 2009 publication originally issued during the spread of the H1N1 virus, retailoring it to address COVID-19. You can find the full publication here. The publication addresses an employer’s rights and obligations under the Americans With Disabilities Act in the face of an epidemic or pandemic.

Of most interest in the public safety workplace are a series of questions and answers about how an employer may deal with employees during a pandemic. Paring the Q&As down to their essentials, here is the EEOC’s guidance.

Can the employer send employees home if they display similar symptoms to those caused by the disease underlying a pandemic?

Yes. The EEOC believes that “advising such workers to go home is not a disability-related action. . . Additionally, the action would be permitted under the ADA if the illness were serious enough to pose a direct threat.  This means an employer can send home an employee with COVID-19 or symptoms associated with it.

During a pandemic, how much information may an ADA-covered employer request from employees who report feeling ill at work or who call in sick?

ADA-covered employers may ask employees if they are experiencing symptoms similar to those caused by the disease. The EEOC believes that “employers may ask employees who report feeling ill at work, or who call in sick, questions about their symptoms to determine if they have or may have COVID-19.  Currently these symptoms include, for example, fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat.”

During a pandemic, may an ADA-covered employer take its employees’ temperatures to determine whether they have a fever?

The EEOC advises that “Because the CDC and state/local health authorities have acknowledged community spread of COVID-19 and issued attendant precautions as of March 2020, employers may measure employees’ body temperature. As with all medical information, the fact that an employee had a fever or other symptoms would be subject to ADA confidentiality requirements.”

When an employee returns from travel during a pandemic, must an employer wait until the employee develops symptoms to ask questions about exposure to the pandemic disease during the trip?

No. The EEOC believes that “these would not be disability-related inquiries. Employers may follow the advice of the CDC and state/local public health authorities regarding information needed to permit an employee’s return to the workplace after visiting a specified location, whether for business or personal reasons.”

During a pandemic, may an ADA-covered employer ask employees who do not have symptoms to disclose whether they have a medical condition that the CDC says could make them especially vulnerable to complications?

No. The EEOC believes that “making disability-related inquiries or requiring medical examinations of employees without symptoms is prohibited by the ADA. However, under these conditions, employers should allow employees who experience flu-like symptoms to stay at home, which will benefit all employees including those who may be at increased risk of developing complications.”

May an employer encourage employees to telework (i.e., work from an alternative location such as home) as an infection-control strategy during a pandemic?

Yes. The EEOC opines that “Telework is an effective infection-control strategy that is also familiar to ADA-covered employers as a reasonable accommodation. In addition, employees with disabilities that put them at high risk for complications of [a] pandemic may request telework as a reasonable accommodation to reduce their chances of infection during a pandemic.”

During a pandemic, may an employer require its employees to adopt infection-control practices, such as regular hand washing, at the workplace?

Yes. The EEOC indicates that “requiring infection control practices, such as regular hand washing, coughing and sneezing etiquette, and proper tissue usage and disposal, does not implicate the ADA.”

During a pandemic, may an employer require its employees to wear personal protective equipment (e.g., face masks, gloves, or gowns) designed to reduce the transmission of pandemic infection?

Yes. The EEOC advises that “an employer may require employees to wear personal protective equipment during a pandemic. However, where an employee with a disability needs a related reasonable accommodation under the ADA (e.g., non-latex gloves, or gowns designed for individuals who use wheelchairs), the employer should provide these, absent undue hardship.”

If a vaccine is developed for COVID-19, may an employer compel all of its employees to take the influenza vaccine regardless of their medical conditions or their religious beliefs during a pandemic?

No. The EEOC takes the position that “an employee may be entitled to an exemption from a mandatory vaccination requirement based on an ADA disability that prevents him from taking the . . . vaccine. This would be a reasonable accommodation barring undue hardship (significant difficulty or expense). Similarly, under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, once an employer receives notice that an employee’s sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance prevents him from taking the . . . vaccine, the employer must provide a reasonable accommodation unless it would pose an undue hardship as defined by Title VII (“more than de minimis cost” to the operation of the employer’s business, which is a lower standard than under the ADA).

Motions From The Executive Board of Directors Meeting On March 16, 2020

Motions from the Executive Board of Directors Meeting On March 16, 2020

Due to the cancellation of the March 23, 2020 General Membership meeting the motions from the Executive Board meeting are being posted to give the membership the opportunity to review the approved expenditures. The Constitution and Bylaws,


SECTION 1: Except for specific provisions contained in the Constitution and Bylaws, no funds shall be authorized for expenditure without the approval of the Executive Board of Directors.

Nothing in this article shall usurp the authority of the General Membership to review expenditures by the Executive Board of Directors and to disapprove the expenditure via appropriate motion at a General Membership Meeting.

We are unable to have a General Membership meeting in March and possibly in April if this COVID19 crisis continues. However, the business of the organization must continue. If the membership has a strong objection to any of the above motions and expresses them to me in an email by close of business on Friday, March 20, 2020, we will consider the motions as approved. If, however, there is a strong objection to any of the motions, we will hold them until we can have discussions at a General Membership some time in the future.

Thank You

Dave Rose


The 35th annual Fallen Heroes Day ceremony, which was originally scheduled to occur on Friday, May 1, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens, will be postponed in response to the global COVID-19 outbreak and in accordance with CDC and State of Maryland guidelines and directives.

The health and well-being of the 1500 family members, friends, colleagues and first responders who attend the ceremony each year is of the utmost importance to us.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation. Please check our website ( or Facebook page (Honoring Fallen Heroes Dulaney Valley) for updates.

Mary Auld
Public Relations/Events
Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens
200 E. Padonia Road
Timonium, MD  21093

FOP #4 Members Helped to Stop HB1221 & SB1029 From Being Passed




he Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4 does not support HB1221 or SB1029 unless it is only amended with the following:

FOP Amendments HB 1221 & SB 1029

If amended in any other manner, we DO NOT support the bill and urge you to vote NO!
Please email or call our Baltimore County representatives. Remember, Phone calls are the most effective!
Phone List


49th Annual Bull, Oyster and Shrimp Roast is CANCELLED

On Thursday March 12, 2020, Governor Hogan expanded upon his State of Emergency Declaration and issued an executive order closing schools, senior centers and banning gatherings over 250 people. This is part of Maryland’s coronavirus COVID – 19 response.

As a result of this executive order, the 49th Annual Bull, Oyster and Shrimp Roast is cancelled. It will not be rescheduled.

The Bull Roast Committee members will be at the office on Monday, March 16, 2020 to start working on ticket refunds. Please do not come to the lodge before being asked to do so. We do not keep the event money at the office. We will make arrangements to have you either come and pick up your refund or mail it to you as soon as possible.

The cancellation is unfortunate, but the safety of our members and their families is of utmost importance. We appreciate the support of this event for the last 48 years. It is always a fun event.

Lodge office 410-668-0004

Please Watch Your FOP Representatives Testify Testify Against Legislation in Annapolis!

On March 3, 2020, members of the Maryland State Fraternal Order of Police were in Annapolis speaking against several bills are very detrimental to law enforcement. These bills are a must read for every member. They are aimed at reducing your rights under the LEOBR as well as the “reasonable officer” standard that was set by the United States Supreme Court in Graham v Connor 1989, in use of force cases.

Please watch the testimony of your representatives but please, if you can, watch the entire testimony presented by those not in law enforcement. This is what a small vocal segment is trying to do to you in law enforcement. We cannot allow this to happen.

The Bills were are opposing are:
HB166 Use of Force   Watch your FOP Representatives testify 5:38 -6:06

HB1090 Use of Force Watch your FOP Representatives testify 3:08 – 3:22

HB1221 cross filed with SB1029 Personnel and Investigatory Records – Complaints Against Law Enforcement Officers Watch your FOP Representatives testify on HB 1221 at 3:54 – 5:01. SB1029 at 2:16

HB1309 Use of Force Watch your FOP Representatives testify at 6:34

Here is an example of President Rose’s testimony.
Opposition to HB1090

Please contact members of the House Judiciary Committee and Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and urge them to vote “No” on these bills.


Congratulations to our newly promoted members!

On Wednesday, February 19 at 7 p.m., Baltimore County Police promoted 14 officers in a ceremony that took place at Oregon Ridge, 13401 Beaver Dam Road, Cockeysville, 21030.
The following is a list of the newly promoted.
Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant
  • Sergeant Derek B. Romanoff
  • Sergeant Brian M. Rupp
Promoted to the rank of Sergeant
  • Corporal Jamie R. Connors
  • Corporal Matthew R. Gonzalez
  • Corporal Stuart H. Grantham
  • Corporal James P. Johns
  • Corporal Dwayne A. Sewell
  • Corporal John P. Sullivan
Promoted to the rank of Corporal
  • Officer Michael B. Bartlett
  • Officer Jason R. Burkins
  • Officer Daniel B. Childs
  • Officer Christopher J. Day
  • Officer Jefferson D. Tufts
  • Officer Brenna N. Vaughn

The Maryland State FOP is Opposed to HB624/SB593.

The Maryland State FOP is opposed to HB624 which is cross filed with SB593. Please take a few minutes to watch (1:43) a representative from the Maryland Chief’s and Sheriffs Association, State Attorney’s from across the state along with our member, Det. Al Barton speak (2:10) representing members of the FOP.

Several other organizations, ACLU and Baltimore City State’s attorney are in favor of this legislation and speak first.

Juvenile violent crime is a huge problem in this state and this bill would be counter productive in reducing that crime.

Please email the members of the House Judiciary Committee and urge them to vote against HB624.

To watch the video scroll down to where it says “Committees” and click on the camera symbol.

2019 End of Year Newsletter Community Newsletter

2019 End of Year Newsletter

Last year was full of changes here at FOP Lodge #4! Updates and recognition abound below, including several community programs and events that are making an impact in the Baltimore County communities we serve. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular news and information and to share your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you.


FOP in the Community

FOP Lodge #4 Members Recognized for their Outstanding Service at Baltimore Ravens Game

FOP Lodge #4 Members Recognized for their Outstanding Service at Baltimore Ravens Game

At the Ravens vs. Patriots game in November six of our members were recognized for their outstanding service. We appreciate their dedication to the Baltimore County Police Department just as much as @RealJimmySmith, appreciates a good photo bomb!

Congratulations to our deserving selected officers:

PFC. Savoy, Parkville Precinct
PFC. Small, Pikesville Precinct
PFC. Kelly, Franklin Precinct
Det. Barber, CIB Property
Det. Kilpatrick, CIB Persons
PFC. Brown, Community Resources & Wellness Section

FOP Lodge #4 Sponsors Third Annual Foot Pursuit Race

FOP Lodge #4 Sponsors Third Annual Foot Pursuit Race

Through the end of the year, we continued to participate in several charity runs in support of community initiatives. Our newly-elected President, Dave Rose, attended the Law Enforcement Officers Wives 3rd Annual Foot Pursuit 5K race at the Ma & Pa Trail in Harford County. Law enforcement agencies from across the region participated, including FOP Lodge #4 who was a proud sponsor of the event.

FOP Lodge #4 Members Participate in Celtic Solstice 5-Mile Run

FOP Lodge #4 Members Participate in Celtic Solstice 5-Mile Run

On December 14, 2019, President Dave Rose, former President Cole Weston and other members of FOP Lodge #4 participated in the Celtic Solstice 5-mile race. Baltimore County Police Department Chief Melissa Hyatt (right) and her sister also joined. After the completion of the race, everyone met up to compare finish times.

FOP Lodge #4 Members Participate in Annual “Shop with a Cop” Event

FOP Lodge #4 Members Participate in Annual 'Shop with a Cop' Event

2019 marked the 18th annual “Shop with a Cop” program in Baltimore County! Every year, officers and children from each of the 10 precincts join together to go holiday shopping. This year’s event saw the participation of 100 officers and 102 children. This annual event allows our officers an opportunity to bond with youth and spread cheer across Baltimore County.

FOP Lodge #4 Partners with the Y of Central Maryland

FOP Lodge #4 Partners with the Y of Central Maryland

We are thrilled to announce the newly established partnership between Baltimore County FOP Lodge #4 and the Y of Central Maryland. This partnership provides a new way for our members to serve others by allowing first responders and veterans an opportunity for alternate employment outside of traditional security options.


FOP Current News

FOP Lodge #4 Elects a new Executive Board

FOP Lodge #4 Elects a new Executive Board

State FOP Secretary and Lodge #4 Chairman, Ken Schubert, prepares to swear in newly elected Executive Board members.

In November, after serving 20 years as president of our lodge, Cole Weston retired. We thank him for his dedication and commitment to the men and women of the Baltimore County Police Department. On December 23, 2019, at the general membership meeting a new Executive Board of Directors was elected to serve their two-year terms. Congratulations to our newly-elected members, especially FOP Lodge #4’s newest president, Dave Rose!

Newly-elected President, Sergeant Dave Rose, is sworn in by his father

Newly-elected President, Sergeant Dave Rose, is sworn in by his father (current FOP Lodge #4 and past Executive Board member) retired Sergeant Floyd Rose at the instruction of outgoing President, Cole Weston. Retired Sgt. Rose hands over the gavel to his son to start the general membership meeting as the new President of FOP Lodge #4.

Past president Tim Caslin (1991-1999), outgoing President Cole Weston, County Councilmen Tom Quirk and David Marks

Pictured left: Past president Tim Caslin (1991-1999) presents outgoing President Cole Weston with his badge plaque. Pictured right: County Councilmen Tom Quirk and David Marks present Cole Weston with a certificate recognizing his 20 years of service as President of FOP Lodge #4.

FOP Lodge #4 Members Attend C.O.P.S. Law Enforcement Wellness and Trauma Conference

FOP Lodge #4 Members Attend C.O.P.S. Law Enforcement Wellness and Trauma Conference

Training and education are top priority for members of FOP Lodge #4. In November, several of our members attended a national conference on law enforcement wellness and trauma in Chicago. The event, hosted by the National Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.), largely focused on the crisis and tragedy police officers experience as a part of their job. Our officers see the most unthinkable acts of criminal behavior in our society and are expected to successfully cope alone. This conference offered a much-needed focus on officer wellness and methods for proactively addressing the cumulative stresses that can occur over the course of an officer’s career.

FOP Lodge #4 Members Speak at the Baltimore County Police Academy

FOP Lodge #4 Members Speak at the Baltimore County Police Academy

On November 20, 2019, President Dave Rose and former President Cole Weston spoke at the Baltimore County Police Academy’s Response to Critical Incidents class. Topics ranged from the FOP’s responsibility to care for those directly and indirectly involved in a critical incident to how to successfully interact with coworkers following such an event. Both presenters stressed the need for officers to be cognizant not only of the effects a single incident can have, but also the long-term implications that can occur over the course of their careers.

Baltimore County Police Department Swears in the 153rd Recruit Class

Baltimore County Police Department Swears in the 153rd Recruit Class

Congratulations to the 153rd recruit class of the Baltimore County Police Department who swore their oath of office in December. FOP Lodge #4 is happy to welcome 35 new department and FOP members. We wish you well!


Officer Spotlight

Congratulations to the Baltimore County Police Officers below recognized for their leadership and commitment to community

Department awards are given to officers who have performed extraordinarily over the last 12 months. The Baltimore County Police Department Awards Review Board spends months reviewing nominations based on departmental standard criteria.

Awards were presented to officers in the following categories:

Silver Star: This is the second highest Departmental Award. It recognizes officers who demonstrate valor, courage, intelligence and bravery over and above that normally demanded and expected.

• Officer Nicholas A. Creaghan – Precinct 12, Dundalk
• Officer Sheldon J. Reed – Precinct 12, Dundalk
• Officer Branden C. A. Sands – Precinct 2, Woodlawn

Commendation: This is the third highest Departmental Award. It is awarded to officers who display courage and devotion to duty above that normally required, intelligence during unusual circumstances, initiative in crime solving, or one who, under certain circumstances, arrests an armed and dangerous person.

• Corporal Brian M. Cowley – Precinct 12, Dundalk
• Detective Anthony N. Armetta – Criminal Investigations Bureau/Criminal Apprehension Support Team
• Detective Allen E. Jones – Criminal Investigations Bureau/Criminal Apprehension Support Team
• Detective Kenneth P. Nacke – Criminal Investigations Bureau/Criminal Apprehension Support Team
• Detective Jason M. Sutton – Criminal Investigations Bureau/Criminal Apprehension Support Team
• Detective Ellis E. Temple – Precinct 2, Woodlawn
• Officer Christopher P. Harding – Precinct 12, Dundalk
• Officer Kevin Pichardo – Precinct 12, Dundalk
• Officer Dillon D. Waugh – Precinct 2, Woodlawn

Emergency Service Award: This award is awarded for an effort to save a human life.

• Deputy Stacey Dickens – Baltimore City Sheriff’s Department
• Officer Timothy J. Bull – Precinct 12, Dundalk
• Officer Robert E. Francis – Precinct 12, Dundalk
• Officer Kevin M. Thomas – Precinct 9, White Marsh


The Memorial Corner

In November and December, we mourn the loss of two Fallen Hero’s. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as our members work hard to serve the citizens of Baltimore County.

Officer Robert Zimmerman On November 5, 1986, eighteen-year police department veteran, Officer Robert Zimmerman was struck by a vehicle and critically injured while on foot patrol on Edmondson Avenue. Officer Zimmerman died nine days later on November 14, 1986 as a result of his injuries.


Officer Edward Kuznar Fifty years ago, on December 9, 1969, Officer Edward Kuznar died as a result of a traffic accident. While on patrol near Kingsville, his vehicle was struck head-on by another vehicle. The accident killed both Officer Kuznar and the other driver.

YMCA of Central Maryland Partnership

Baltimore County FOP Lodge #4 has developed a partnership with the YMCA of Central Maryland to offer first responders and veteran an opportunity for alternate employment for our members outside the traditional security employment options.

If you are interested please go to the employment page for job opportunities. As a member of our organization you may qualify for additional pay, flexible work hours and free membership.
Recruitment Flyer

2019 Election Results for FOP Lodge #4

The results of the election are as follows:

Dave Rose            929
Steve Comegna   674

Mike DiCara           1,162
Kathy Greenbeck      407

Carroll Bollinger      1,105*
Dave Sweren            1,004*
Tom Scally                   906*
Tim Caslin                   844*
Joe Peach                     815*
Matt Krauch                636
Pat Zito                         540
Kevin Jobe                   474
Joe Cohan                    465
Jason Garnick              314

Congratulations and thank you to all who participated.