Fallen Hero Anniversary Date: Sergeant Bruce Prothero

This is a reminder of the anniversary date of the line-of-duty-death of Bruce A. Prothero on Sunday, February 7, 2016.

On February 7, 2000, Sergeant Bruce Prothero , a married father of five, was working part time as a security guard at a jewelry store on Reisterstown Road when four armed men robbed the store. When Sergeant Prothero followed the robbers out of the store, he was shot twice and died an hour later as a result of his wounds.

Under Departmental regulations Memorial Ribbon Bars may be worn on the uniform, above all other ribbons above the badge, on the anniversary dates of Baltimore County police officers killed-in-the-line-of-duty.

Members are encouraged to honor and remember Bruce A. Prothero by wearing their Memorial Ribbon Bars on February 7th of each year

A wreath has been placed at the BCoPD Memorial in his memory.

Grand Lodge Data Base Breech

Message From National President Canterbury

Recently at FOP Lodge #4 we have upgraded our entire network and server system. Unlike the National FOP, member data is not stored on the same network (or server) as our web site or email.  So there is no public access to our server or network. The National FOP allows member access with a user ID and valid password. Our server is behind the Comcast router with a built-in firewall.  Comcast randomly reassigns our public IP, so the IP we send out to the world today is different next week.  We also added a domain service when we upgraded the server. One cannot get to any of our files without a valid login.

We have also taken the precautions of not allowing outside access to the network, requiring valid logins to access the network files, disabling the common default accounts, naming the internal domain separately from our email and web site domains and not sharing access with guests.

While nothing is impossible to access, as we have seen in recent times, we feel we have taken appropriate precautions.

Contract Negotiations for July 1, 2016

Pursuant to Article 4, Title 5, Section 4-5-505 of the Employee Relations Act, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4 has notified the County Administration of impasse in the current contract negotiations.

Our attorney, Matt Clash-Drexler and Director of Human Resources George Gay will select an Arbitrator today.

The dates for submissions and hearings will be set in the next couple of weeks.

Employment Opportunity: Security

Position: Security Officer       

Job Summary

Incumbent is responsible for ensuring that safety and security procedures are in place for the assured security of the employees, customers and Association. Incumbent will recommend, implement and monitor security procedures and operational controls for the Association; train employees on security procedures; and investigate and report internal and external fraud situations.

Job Functions

Creates, recommends, implements and monitors security procedures and operational controls for the Association to ensure the protection and safety of customers, employees and assets, and to reduce security risks.

 Develops and conducts periodic training for employees related to security processes and procedures.

 Evaluates, monitors, and coordinates testing of security systems and equipment; recommends repairs and new devices as needed, and manages contracted physical security equipment vendor.

 Administers physical security controls for branch and office locations.

 Conducts interviews, investigates and recommends appropriate actions for internal and external fraud complaints.

 Serves as liaison with law enforcement agencies with security-related issues.

 Manages the contracted security guard service program for the Association.

 Addresses all security matters, as appropriate, and reports security issues to IT Manager. Assists Manager with preparation of required annual reports to the Board of Directors.

 Actively participates in security information-sharing organization(s) for relevant and up-to-date security news and information that may be useful to the bank; (e.g. Maryland Association for Bank Security). Reports relevant information to Manager and communicates important information to all employees.

 Performs periodic security audits for all Rosedale Federal locations. Composes formal reports of the audits and maintains the documentation. Presents reports to the IT Manager and other necessary personnel.

 Provides review and consultation of security factors with new buildings or renovations.

 Works collaboratively with Collections Manager, IT Manager and other necessary appropriate personnel to coordinate site visits and property inspections.


High school diploma or equivalent. College degree preferred.

 Five (5) years security-related experience with a concentration in physical security and working knowledge of investigations. Security experience in banking preferred.

 Knowledge of bank operations policies and procedures, internal controls and compliance requirements preferred.

 Knowledge of current trends in the industry.

 Knowledge of civil and criminal filing procedures.

 Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

 Solid interpersonal skills to interact effectively with all levels of staff and management.

 Ability to work independently, with minimal supervision and possess strong organization skills.

 Computer knowledge and skills to include word processing and spreadsheet applications.

 Ability to maintain concise records and files.

Position requires travel to branch and other business locations, and must be available for 24 hour call.

The contact person is Lydia Geigan lgeigan@rosedalefederal.com, 410-668-4400  ext 343.


Proposed legislation to add Law enforcement and First Responders to Maryland Hate Crimes Law.

The Maryland State FOP is supporting a House Bill 50 (HB50). HB50 expands the Maryland hate crimes statute to include law enforcement officers and other first responders.  The first hearing on the proposed legislation will be on January 19, 2016 at 1pm in the House Judiciary committee. Please contact your local representative and express your support for the passage of HB50.

Employment Opportunity: Director of Security at Baltimore Museum of Art

Job description here

Employment Opportunity Security

I am looking for a retired person who is looking to work part-time at a private school setting in the Lutherville/Timonium area of Baltimore County.

Currently I have two people that work an average of 65 hours a week. The person I am looking to hire would fill in when one of the two people are not available to work (vacations, appointments, etc…) and also for special events where additional security is needed.

At this time, we normally have coverage when the school is open to employees and special events from 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM. There will be occasions when we may need to schedule security later in the evening for meetings/other events and some weekend days.

If you are interested in picking up a few hours a month please contact me on my cell or by email.
If you have a Resume, please email it to me.

See below for contact information:

The rate of pay is $25.00 an hour and the person will become an employee of the school.
All employees must submit to a criminal record check.


Bob Peck

Robert Gwynn Peck III
Consultant /Concierge and Home Management
Specializing in Education and Personal
Safety and Security Concerns
Retired Law Enforcement

Public Safety and Policing Work Group Recommendations

The legislative committee assigned by Speaker Busch and Senate President Miller have concluded their hearings and have proposed recommendations to the legislature for changes they believe are needed in Maryland.

The FOP has not endorsed any of these changes.  These are being posted for information purposes only.

Workgroup on Public Safety & Policing in Maryland Recommendations 1-111-16

Police Arrest Combative 19 Year Old Male Outside Towson Bar

December 19, 2015 – Officers from the Towson Precinct responded to disturbances at the York Road restaurant and bar district. An arrest was made that was independently video recorded. That video has been given much attention and has prompted discussion as to the response by police officers.

The Baltimore County Police Department stated they will conduct an investigation into the incident taking all of the information available into account to make an assessment. The public has shown great confidence in the police department’s ability to do so and the department should be afforded the same opportunity in this instance.

Physical arrests where the suspect resists are never visually appealing to watch. The officers we represent do not look for or seek out situations such as this. They are tasked with responding and establishing order where it does not exist. When citizens do not comply with the direction of law enforcement officers they create a situation where physical force is required. These are unfortunate circumstances created by the suspects and the officers must follow through with their responsibility.

We appreciate the public’s support of the officers we represent and the Baltimore County Police Department.
Cole B. Weston

Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4 represents over 2900 active and retired Baltimore County Police Officers. www.foplodge4.org

Saint Michael Medals are available at the Lodge Office

Anita Schatz has taken on the task of providing a St. Michael the Archangel medal (St. Michael is the Patron Saint of Police) to every Sworn-in Police Officer in Maryland. She has provided FOP Lodge #4 with enough medals for every officer who would like to have one. They are available for free at the lodge office.

Click on the link to view the medal.

Saint Michael medal

Experts cast doubt on psychological evaluations for Md. police

By: Bryan P. Sears Daily Record Business Writer November 24, 2015

Improved supervision and training may improve policing more than mandatory psychological evaluations of officers, according to two experts.

The testimony before the Public Safety and Policing Workgroup cast some doubt on efforts to require additional mandatory psychological testing of police officers. Some members of the panel said there is no consensus on what such a recommendation would look like.

“This is all about the failure to supervise at all levels,” said Stephen F. Curran, a psychologist with a specialty background in police and public safety, in discussing shortcomings in police performance. “It’s the failure to take disciplinary action — to hold people accountable. That’s the push.”

Curran was one of two experts to testify Tuesday at Morgan State University before the work group. The legislative panel is expected to meet one more time in early December before making recommendations on as many as six bills focused on changing policing in the state.

There are about 70 psychologists certified in the specialty of police and public safety, according to Curran, who said he is the only one with such credentials in the state.

Hamin Shabazz, chairman of the Criminal Justice Department at Stevenson University and a former police officer in Camden, New Jersey, said most police departments already test recruits, though there is no consistency in terms of which test is used.

“I would say to you that the problems that law enforcement is experiencing in the state of Maryland as well as the United States is based on training,” said Shabazz. “That is where I think the solutions will be.”

Many agencies also have periodic exams to test fitness for duty. As legislators consider the possibility of requiring mandatory psychological evaluations, some have raised the question of costs, which are estimated to be between $3 million to $5 million annually statewide.

“My position on retesting is that I think it would be a waste of resources,” Shabazz said. “The average cost of an exam is about $300 (per officer).”

The work group is one of three taking up police and criminal justice issues before the General Assembly convenes in January. Other panels are looking at body cameras or at how to lower the rates of incarceration and recidivism in Maryland.

The panel was created earlier this year by House Speaker Michael E. Busch and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. in the aftermath of the riots that followed the death of Freddie Gray, a west Baltimore man who suffered fatal injuries while in police custody.

Since its first meeting in June, the group has looked at issues including hiring practices, diversity within police departments and additional, mandatory periodic psychological evaluations of police officers.

Still, some members of the panel say testing can play an important role in determining if an officer can adequately perform his or her duties.

“Inadequate testing is what we’ve also got,” said Sen. Catherine Pugh, D-Baltimore City, referring to part of Shabazz’s testimony. “There’s an inconsistency across the board, and regulations need to be changed. We don’t really have professionals who are doing this testing, that’s my understanding. With 17,000 police officers we certainly can’t have one person providing psychological testing.”

Del. Brett R. Wilson, R-Washington County, said there is no consensus on the panel to require testing and said any such recommendation would have to contain specific guidance on what circumstances would trigger an evaluation.

“There’s a clear difference regarding when it should be administered and how it should be triggered,” said Wilson, who is also an assistant state’s attorney in his home county. “We’ve heard talk that after any traumatic event, from an accident where a child dies all the way up to instance where there is an excessive force brutality case, there’s no consensus right now. There’s a gut feeling that testing of a person that could indicate a problem could prevent a bigger problem. I don’t know if we got a clear answer on that specific issue from the experts.”

FOP Lodge #4 Election Results 2015

Below are the results of the 2015 elections for FOP Lodge #4. Officers will be sworn into office in December and will serve a term of 2 years. This year we had a total of 1210 ballots returned.  Congratulation to the winners and all those who participated and voted this year.

President – Cole Weston -(unopposed)
1st VP – Steven Comegna – (unopposed)
2nd VP – David Rose – (unopposed)
Treasurer – Bob Caskey – (unopposed)
State Trustee – Don Patterson – (unopposed)

Donna Patterson – 821

Kathryn Greenbeck – 249
Bryn Blackburn – 108

Tony DiCara – 665

Rob Graff – 465

Sergeant at Arms
Ryan Massey – 694

Mike Greco – 478

Executive Board of Directors
Mike DiCara – 900
Kathy Kraemer – 883
Tom Scally – 880
Jim Rommel – 873
Dave Sweren – 587
Pat Zito – 544
Sekou Hinton – 361
Doug Jess – 307