Employment Opportunity

KeyPoint Government Solutions is a mission-critical provider of specialized investigative services to the U.S. Federal Government.

They are hiring over 400 contractor background investigators nationwide. There is a need for investigators in the Baltimore Metro area.

Contractor Investigators are not employees of KeyPoint. You receive a 1099 at the end of the year.

As part of the training process, you have to travel to Loveland Colorado for three weeks for training.

Some Contractor Investigators you may know include Carl Carlee, Mark Fritsch, Steve McDonald and Dennis Augustyniak.

Anyone interested, please visit the website: https://careers-keypoint.icims.com/jobs/3210/opm-background-investigator/job

Anyone who applies for this position or have any questions, please contact Dennis Augustyniak at 443-545-6279. He will provide your name to the recruiter for proper ranking of your application.

Dennis F. Augustyniak


The University of Maryland, Department of Public Safety is conducting a hiring process for several University Police Officer II’s. Applications will be accepted starting on March 27, 2015.  The closing date is May 15, 2015.  The starting salary for a University Police Officer II is a minimum of $46,510 but may be negotiable depending on experience. For this position, UMPD is only accepting applications for Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission certified officers with at least 1 year of experience or officers with comparable police training through a different state (Comparative Compliance).  The UPO II position description can be found at: http://www.usmd.edu/usm/adminfinance/hr/umspp/n12up2.html .
Applications may be obtained at https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/search.  The position number for applications is #101510.  All applicants must submit their application electronically.  Instructions can be found at the website https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/search on how to create an user login and how to submit an application.  The University of  Maryland, Department of Public Safety is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



Chuck Canterbury, National President of the Fraternal Order of Police, welcomed news that the Senate Committee on the Judiciary considered and favorably reported S. 125, the “Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) Grant Program Reauthorization Act,” and S. 665, the “Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu National Blue Alert Act,” by voice vote.

“These two bills are key pieces of the FOP’s Officer Safety Agenda, which we outlined earlier this year, and we’re so grateful to Senator Leahy for all of his work on both bills, but especially the BVP,” Canterbury said. “And of course, we sincerely appreciate Chairman Grassley’s making good on his word to move these bills early in the year. Without his efforts, it was likely both bills would have been pushed off until next month.”

The Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) grant program provides matching Federal funds to State and local law enforcement agencies allowing them to purchase or upgrade the soft body armor worn by their officers. More than one million vests have been bought through this program, which has greatly increased the safety of officers on the beat. The legislation favorably reported by the Committee today would reauthorize the program through 2020.

The “Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu National Blue Alert Act,” would provide for local, regional, and national dissemination of time sensitive information that would help apprehend a suspect accused of killing, kidnapping, seriously wounding, or who may pose an imminent and credible threat to a law enforcement officer.

The Interim Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing recommended the establishment of a National Blue Alert System and the re-authorization of the BVP program.

The Committee considered both bills on a single vote and four Senators requested that their vote be recorded as “Nay.” They are: Senators Jeffry L. Flake (R-AZ), Michael S. Lee (R-UT), David A. Perdue (R-GA) and Jefferson B. Sessions III (R-AL).

Employment Opportunity

Immediate Part-Time Opportunity for Retired Police Officers:

Health Enforcement Officer
$25 per hour
Temporary positions to last 3-6 months
2-5 days/evenings per week

The Health Enforcement Officers report to the Drumcastle Government Center. Using County vehicles, the Officers will travel to pick up Tobacco Compliance Assistants at designated Police Precincts or schools; transport the Assistants to tobacco retailers to conduct tobacco compliance buys; write citations for civil violations as appropriate; explain Youth Access Laws to retailers; attend and testify at court hearings; and maintain records of enforcement activities. Must have valid driver’s license with clean driving record and ability to successfully pass a background investigation.

For more detailed information and to apply contact:
Vicki Pfannenstein at 410-887-3828 or vpfannenstein@baltimorecountymd.gov
Baltimore County Health Department
Drumcastle Government Center
6401 York Rd.
Towson, MD 21212

Employment opportunity

The Baltimore City Community College Police Department is currently searching for qualified applicants for the position of Police Officer II.  Candidates must be MPTC Certified or eligible for re-certification (Not more than a 3 year break in service).  To apply go to http://www.bccc.edu/cms/lib05/MD11000285/Centricity/Domain/64/Police%20Officer%20INTERNAL.pdf

William Booth
Director of Public Safety
Baltimore City Community College
2910 Liberty Heights Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21215
Office 410-462-8450

Maryland’s Law Enforcement Bill of Rights in Annapolis

The Maryland Fraternal Order of Police has been tirelessly working in Annapolis to preserve and protect Maryland’s Law Enforcement Bill of Rights. This year there have been several bills introduced by a few members of the General Assembly to either remove those rights or expose officers to enhanced penalties just because of his/her occupation as a police officer.

As a result of the hard work from officers across the state of Maryland who spoke to members of the House Judiciary Committee on March 12, 2015 the following Bills were withdrawn by the sponsor or received an “unfavorable report” (voted down) or by the members of the House Judiciary Committee on March 18, 2015.

HB112 Police-Involved Death – State Prosecutor
HB363 Law Enforcement Officer – Misconduct In Office
HB365 Felony Prosecution of Law Enforcement Officer – Attorney General
HB438 State Prosecutor – Use of Force by Law Enforcement Officer (withdrawn)
HB731 Disciplinary Actions – Written Policy
HB813 Law Enforcement Officer-Involved Deaths
HB728 Excessive Force or Misuse of Force by Law Enforcement Officer (withdrawn)
HB890 Liability Insurance – Required* (withdrawn)

There are still several bills that are yet to be voted upon. These bills will be voted on by the committee members this week. We are supplying you and your families with email addresses of the Delegates who sit on the House Judiciary committee who will be voting on these bills. If these bills pass through the legislature, they will have a far reaching negative effect on Law Enforcement across Maryland.

The State F.O.P. Legislative Committee asks that you and all of your friends and relatives reach out to the Delegates and tell them that you are against these bills that take away Police Officers rights or unfairly raise penalties for Police Officers.

You may use the below paragraph I have supplied if it is more convenient for you.
The e-mail addresses for the committee members are listed below.

My name is ____________ and am a current/retired law enforcement officer. I ask you, as a member of the House Judiciary Committee, to oppose all bills that would take away any rights of Police Officers under the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights. We also would like you to oppose any bills that would raise any penalties on Police Officers in the State of Maryland.

Please stand with the Maryland State Fraternal Order of Police and law enforcement officers throughout Maryland!

Please vote to oppose these bills:
HB384, HB819, HB968.

Vallario, Joseph Delegate Joseph.Vallario@house.state.md.us;
Dumais, Kathleen Delegate Kathleen.Dumais@house.state.md.us;
Anderson, Curt Delegate Curt.Anderson@house.state.md.us;
Atterbeary, Vanessa Delegate Vanessa.Atterbeary@house.state.md.us;
Campos, Will Delegate Will.Campos@house.state.md.us;
Carter, Jill Delegate Jill.Carter@house.state.md.us;
Conaway, Frank Delegate Frank.Conaway@house.state.md.us;
Glass, Glen Delegate Glen.Glass@house.state.md.us;
Kittleman, Trent Delegate Trent.Kittleman@house.state.md.us;
McComas, Susan Delegate Susan.McComas@house.state.md.us;
Moon, David Delegate David.Moon@house.state.md.us;
Morales, Marice Delegate Marice.Morales@house.state.md.us;
Parrott, Neil Delegate Neil.Parrott@house.state.md.us;
Rey, Deborah C. Delegate Deborah.Rey@house.state.md.us;
Rosenberg, Samuel Delegate Samuel.Rosenberg@house.state.md.us;
Smith, Will Delegate Will.Smith@house.state.md.us;
Sydnor, Charles Delegate Charles.Sydnor@house.state.md.us;
Valentino-Smith, Geraldine Delegate Geraldine.Valentino@house.state.md.us;
Wilson, Brett Delegate Brett.Wilson@house.state.md.us

Employment Opportunity

I am looking for Retired Officers to work part time Security in the Baltimore area. The locations are local apartment complexes that periodically suffer from destruction of properties, theft from autos etc. As retirees, I will not put you on a job that requires aggressive interaction with anyone. You will largely be in the surveillance mode, calling the local PD if intervention is necessary, acting as a witness/representative for the property.
The pay is $30 hour for sites in the county, $40 hour in the city, 10-99 filing. This is a reputable company with sound properties. There are no Lake Brooks, Solar Systems, Heraldry Squares etc. The shifts are 4-6 hours and often flexible. If you are interested, email, text or call me for information on the current properties we are covering.
Randy McCadden
Sgt./Career Criminal


Baltimore County Council Passes Changes to Employee Pension Board

The Baltimore County Council passed bill 11-15 which makes changes to the composition to the Employees’ Retirement System Board.  Council members will get two appointments and the Executive will get one appointment. The new members must have knowledge and experience with the administration and operation of pension systems, investments or trust funds.

Bill #11-15

After losing pension case, Baltimore County sues pension consultant

Buck Consultants contract terminated; deal with Bolton Partners is pending
By Pamela Wood The Baltimore Sun

   Baltimore County government ended a 70-year relationship with a consulting firm that gave advice on the county’s pension fund and sued the company, alleging it’s responsible for a multimillion-dollar judgment against the county.    The county is on the hook for up to $19 million as a result of the lawsuit brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2007. The EEOC claimed — and courts agreed — that the pension plan discriminated against older county government workers by requiring them to pay more into the plan than younger workers.    For 70 years, the county has contracted with Buck Consultants, a subsidiary of Xerox Corp., for advice on how to manage the pension plans for county workers.    In a lawsuit in U.S. District Court, the county claims Buck Consultants gave bad actuarial advice that led to the defeat in court, and wants the company to pay the millions the county is likely to owe former workers.    “The county’s pension system is based upon the advice received by Buck over the years, and the contract makes clear that Buck is responsible for any advice that may be illegal,” said county spokeswoman Fronda Cohen in a statement.    A spokesman for Buck countered that the company has provided “sound, industry-proven service.”    “This lawsuit is disappointing, and an unfortunate attempt by the county to deflect [from] the dispute that the county has been involved with the EEOC for the past eight years,” said Carl Langsenkamp, a Xerox spokesman.    The EEOC lawsuit was filed on behalf of employees hired before 2007, which is when the county changed its pension system so that workers hired after July 1 of that year contributed to the retirement system at a flat rate — not based on their age at hiring. When the lawsuit was filed, the retirement system covered 9,500 active employees and 6,600 retirees.    The county appealed all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, which announced in November it would not hear the case. The county likely will have to repay the workers who overpaid into the pension plan, which could cost up to $19 million, according to county officials. The amount of damages hasn’t been finalized by the courts.    The county filed its lawsuit against Buck Consultants in January. The county ended its contract with Buck and hired another firm, the Baltimore-based Bolton Partners, on a short-term contract worth $25,000.    The council will vote on Monday on a longer-term deal with Bolton Partners, which already gives the county actuarial advice on its employee and retiree health insurance plans. If approved by the council, the county will pay Bolton approximately $363,000 for two years of consulting services.

pwood@baltsun.com twitter.com/pwoodreporter

Employment Opportunity

Job Summary:
The security officer is responsible for maintaining a safe and secure Club environment by monitoring and assessing the traffic entering and exiting Club property, patrolling the premises and detecting and investigating suspicious activity and other security incidences. Specifically, the security officer will actively provide the security presence and initiative to safe guard the Club’s members, staff and all vendors and visitors on the Club property and protect the Club’s property and assets. The security officer may perform other duties as necessary, including but not limited to valet services and driving the Club’s vans in transporting staff and products. 
Contact information:
Doug Wernecke, Director of Human Resources
Baltimore Country Club | 4712 Club Road | Baltimore, MD 21210
410.554.8010 | dwernecke@bcc1898.com
This is an unarmed position.


County Executive Kamenetz Petitions for a Writ of Certiori in Retiree Subsidy Case

Over 400 police retirees will have to wait longer to receive their court ordered refund for health care premiums that Baltimore County over charged them since 2007.  On January 30, 2015 Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz filed a Petition for a Writ of Certiori with the Maryland Court of Appeals.

This case started as a grievance in 2007 which the Fraternal Order of Police filed and won at arbitration.  The county then appealed the case to Baltimore County Circuit Court, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and finally the Maryland Court of Appeals.  The Courts have continually ruled in favor of the FOP and the retirees.

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz then disputed the amount owed to the retirees.  In early 2014 the County requested a hearing to contest the damages and as a result of the hearing the Court awarded the retirees $1,801,479.54 in damages and interest as well as directing the County to restore the effected retirees to the correct subsidy rate.

When the County did not follow the directions of the Court a Petition for Contempt was filed against County Executive Kamenetz, Administrative Officer Fred Homan and Budget Director Keith Dorsey and they were directed to appear in Court and Show Cause as to why the order of the Court was not followed.  The County the acquiesced and did as the Court ordered.

The County then filed 3 separate appeals to the Court of Special Appeals challenging the orders of the Circuit Court which were consolidated and heard in November 2014.  On December 17, 2014 the Court of Special Appeals denied all three appeals in a 78 page decision.  Now the County is seeking an appeal to Maryland’s highest Court.

The FOP has held the money in escrow since receiving payment from the County and was preparing to distribute it to the effected retirees had the County not filed this latest appeal by the deadline of February 2, 2015.  Since this case has started, ten retirees owed reimbursement have passed away.

Every Court decision since the inception of this case can be found on our website www.foplodge4.org under FOP NEWS LINKS.

Read Petition

Baltimore County police fatally shoot man armed with knife in Randallstown

Baltimore County police shot and killed a man who they said threatened officers with a knife and refused to drop it even after being shocked with a Taser outside a Randallstown convenience store early Saturday.

Police identified the man as Edward Donnell Bright Sr., 56, of the 9900 block of Southall Road in Randallstown. Attempts to reach Bright’s family Saturday were unsuccessful.

Officers were called just after 2 a.m. to the 7-Eleven in the 9800 block of Liberty Road for a report of a man with a knife, police said. The two officers saw Bright holding the knife outside the store and ordered him to drop it, police said.

He refused to do so, and instead approached the officers with the knife, prompting one of the officers to use a Taser on him, police said. When Bright continued to approach, both officers shot him, police said.

Bright was taken to Sinai Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, police said.

Neither officer was injured, and both have been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation by the Baltimore County police homicide unit and the Baltimore County state’s attorney’s office.

It was the first fatal police-involved shooting in Baltimore County since early last year. In March 2014, during a similar situation in Parkville, police shot 21-year-old Ryan Charles Deitrich, who charged at them with a knife in the 8600 block of Oakleigh Road.

Baltimore County police have delayed a $108,000 plan to outfit their 54 Tasers with video- and audio-recording cameras, amid questions about the legality of recording audio of people’s interactions with officers, the department said. Maryland is a “two-party consent state,” in which both parties need to agree before audio communication can be recorded, a spokeswoman said.

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has said he would seek a bill to authorize police to record audio when using Taser cameras.


Taser cameras delayed for Baltimore County police

Plans to put cameras on Baltimore County police Tasers have been delayed as officials study legal issues surrounding the devices.

In December, Police Chief Jim Johnson said a pilot program using battery-operated cameras on Tasers would start within 30 days. But since then, questions about the legality of recording audio of people’s interactions with police have led the department to delay the launch, police spokeswoman Elise Armacost said.

Maryland is a “two-party consent state,” in which both parties need to agree before audio communication can be recorded, Armacost said. Officials are seeking clarification on how that would affect officers’ ability to use the Taser cameras, which record both video and audio.

At a meeting in Annapolis last week, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz told state lawmakers from the county that he would seek a bill to authorize police to record audio when using Taser cameras.

Armacost said the county had already ordered the cameras, but canceled delivery because of the legal questions.

“We cannot begin a program until we resolve that issue,” she said. “We did not want to take possession of cameras with audio.”

The Taser camera program will likely be ready in the spring, officials said. Once the legal issues are resolved, the department will need to develop operating procedures and train officers to use them, Armacost said. Officials have said it will cost about $108,000 to equip the department’s 54 Tasers with cameras.

One police union leader said the delay in the Taser camera program was not a surprise.

“It’s not as easy as, ‘Here’s a camera on a Taser, turn it on and let it go,’ ” said David Rose, second vice president for the Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 4. “There’s a whole lot of implications. … You want to try to get it right the first time as much as you can.”

Rose said the union is waiting to see the department policy on Taser cameras, and has not yet taken an official stance on them.

The department has faced criticism in the past from people who have alleged that officers inappropriately used Tasers.

The county also is considering outfitting police officers with body cameras. As part of the Taser camera announcement in December, Kamenetz said he had directed Johnson to lead a 90-day study of whether the department should have officers wear body cameras.

That group has been meeting weekly and is exploring a number of topics, such as privacy and data storage, Armacost said.

Baltimore Sun reporter Pamela Wood contributed to this article.


NSA Police – Now Hiring

SALARY: Members of NSA’s Police Force enjoy a starting salary of $48,847.00.

The National Security Agency (NSA) has a current and ongoing requirement for personnel to serve as Full-time officers with the NSA Police on its complexes at Fort Meade, Maryland. Qualified individuals are encouraged to apply for these exciting and highly dynamic positions offering unlimited career growth, exceptional training, and the opportunity to serve your country as an employee of one of the most unique and respected Agencies in the Federal government.

***** These positions are ideal for retired/MPTC certified Officers interested in establishing second careers in law enforcement – required training is significantly reduced and provided locally *****

Please apply online at www.nsa.gov and/or contact the NSA Police Recruitment Office at 410/854-6446

Fallen Hero Anniversary: Sergeant Mark Parry

This is a reminder of the anniversary date of the line-of-duty death of sergeant mark parry, on January 21, 2002.

On December 27, 2001 Sergeant Mark Parry was on patrol in Towson when a drunk driver struck his unmarked police vehicle. The driver fled the scene and was arrested a short distance away. Sergeant Parry died on January 21, 2002 from injuries he sustained in that motor vehicle accident.

Under departmental regulations memorial ribbon bars will be worn on the uniform, above all other ribbons above the badge, or mourning bands will be worn on the badge on the anniversary dates of Baltimore county police officers killed in the line-of-duty.