Job Opportunity: Maryland Occupational Safety and Health

Maryland Occupational Safety and Health is currently accepting applications for OSH Compliance Safety and Health Officers and Hygienist I positions within the Division of Labor and Industry.  The primary purpose of the position is to enforce regulations and promote compliance with the State and Federal Occupational Safety and Health laws, regulations and standards to improve workplace safety for all Maryland workers. Below are the links for the each position. I believe they are going to extend the filing date for the Safety Officer position. This is a great opportunity. I have been with agency for the past 11 years, I love my job! if anyone has any questions my contact information is listed below.

Thank you for your assistance.



Michael E Daughaday
MOSH Compliance Officer Supervisor

10946 Golden West Dr Suite 160

Hunt Valley, MD 21031

Employment Opportunity: Investigator (Horseshoe Casino)

Requisition Number: 940308
Job Title: Investigator
Date Posted: 7/17/2015
Department: Security
Property: Horseshoe Baltimore
Shift: Varies
Status: Full-Time
Come Do Your Best Work Here!

It can be applied for at  Go to Horseshoe casino on the bottom of the page and click on careers. 

Thomas Cassella
Director of Security,
Horseshoe Casino 1525 Russell Street Baltimore, MD 21230
Office: 443.931.4509

Caesars Entertainment Corporation is the world’s largest casino entertainment company. Since its beginning in Reno, Nevada more than 70 years ago, Caesars has grown through development of new resorts, expansions and acquisitions, and now owns or manages casino resorts on four continents. The company’s resorts operate primarily under the Harrah’s, Caesars and Horseshoe brand names; Caesars also owns the London Clubs International family of casinos and the World Series of Poker.
Since 1951, the legendary Horseshoe Casino has been all about the gambler. We know how to make our guests feel like big fish. Our service is secondary to none, our casinos are damn nice and our amenities keep our guests wanting more. We have a confidence that comes from working for the number one casino brand in every market in which we operate.

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore
is located on Russell Street in Baltimore’s south side. Horseshoe Baltimore is designed to maximize connectivity with existing hospitality operators, neighboring professional sports venues M&T Stadium and Camden Yards, and the city’s famed Inner Harbor. The estimated $400 million new development has created 1,700 permanent casino jobs. With nearly 122,000 square feet of non-stop gaming action, the casino will feature video lottery terminals (VLTs), table games, and a World Series of Poker room. A “Baltimore Marketplace” featuring authentic Charm City food outlets, three premier restaurants, and several bars and lounges will round out the food and beverage offerings.

Job Description:


  • Coordinates thorough and comprehensive incident investigations on all matters that affect the safety, security and integrity of customers and employees, included, but not limited to
    • general liability investigations
    • workers compensation investigations
    • property damage investigations
    • investigations of a criminal nature.
  • Maintains approved MD Gaming Divisions exclusion list, current and enforced
  • Maintains record of undesirable patrons
  • Maintains liaison with Law Enforcement Agencies, i.e., city, state, and federal.
  • Provides testimony in court when required
  • Maintains a liaison with Investigation Units in other Casinos
  • Operates a company vehicle when required
  • Acts as a role model, always presenting oneself as a credit to Caesar’s Entertainment and encouraging others to do the same



· High school diploma or GED is required.

· Must be at least 21-years of age.

· Knowledge of casino rules, procedures and regulations as related to Poker.

· Excellent customer service skills are essential.

· Must be able to perform basic math quickly.

· Must be able to get along with co-workers and work as a team.

· Must present a well-groomed appearance.

· Well-developed interpersonal skills.

· Must enjoy entertaining and communicating with the public.

Physical, Mental and Environmental Demands:

· Must be able to work independently.

· Must be able to sit, stand or walk for long periods of time.

· Must be able to respond calmly and make rational decisions when handling employee conflicts.

· Must be able to maneuver throughout all areas of the property and from floor to floor either by stairways (minimum of 20 steps) or escalator.

· Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs.; and, have the ability to push, pull, reach, bend, twist, stoop and kneel.

· Respond to visual and aural cues.

· Must have the manual dexterity to operate a computer and other necessary office equipment.

· Must be able to tolerate areas containing dust, loud noises and bright lights.

· Must be able to work varied shifts, weekends and holidays as needed.

· Ability to simultaneously manage several projects, and not become frustrated by changing priorities and unforeseen obstacles to achieving objectives.

· Ability to speak distinctly and persuasively.

· Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English.


As part of Caesars Entertainment’s employment process, finalist candidates will be required to complete a background check, prior to an offer being extended. These background checks include:

  • Prior Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Social Security Trace
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Drug Screen
  • Motor Vehicles Records (where required for position)

Employment Opportunity: Poly graph Examiner

State of Maryland
Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
Internal Investigative Division
Polygraph Unit

Employment Opportunity
Polygraph Examiner (Provisional)

Start Date: Immediately
Work Location: 8510 Corridor Road, Savage, Howard County, Maryland 20763
Starting Salary: $50,120.00 (Grade 14, Step 9)

Candidates do not have to be a Certified Polygraph Examiner, but must successfully complete an American Polygraph Association ‘Certified Basic Polygraph Examiner Training Program’ (10+ weeks), paid for by the DPSCS. In consideration for the DPSCS sponsoring the candidate’s training, they will be required to sign a three year employment contract. The successful candidate must be eligible for membership in the American Polygraph Association upon completion of training.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
Three years of experience in criminal investigations work with a recognized law enforcement agency.
1. Graduate education at an accredited college of university may be substituted on a year for year basis for the required experience for up to two years.
2. Additional work experience in law enforcement may be substituted on a year for year basis for up to four years of the required education.
If interested contact Ed Heilman, Polygraph Unit Supervisor at 410-724-5752 or

Towson police officer works to ‘maintain calm’

Keenen Green grew up in Parkville. It’s his old neighborhood and he knows it well. Now, in a twist of fate, Green patrols it as a Baltimore County Police Officer assigned to the Towson/ Precinct 6.

“I didn’t always want to be a policeman. When I was in high school, I began looking into careers and the more I read about it, the better it sounded,” said Green, 24.

Green was scheduled to be honored Tuesday by the Baltimore County Police and Community Relations Council as Towson/Precinct 6’s Officer of the Year for 2014. Nominated five times in 2014 as the precinct’s officer of the month, his supervisors chose him three times for that honor.

According to supervisors, wrote Wesley Wood of the police relations council, Green was instrumental in apprehending suspects for, among others, serious assault, first-degree burglary and commercial armed robbery. The most visible case he worked on was the murder at the Welcome Inn in August 2014. Green’s documented information directly led to the arrest of four people involved, including the shooter by the Baltimore County Police Homicide Unit.

Green, the son of Paula and Vernell Green, attended Halstead Academy, a Baltimore County public elementary school, where he credits Gary Dousett, the Baltimore County Police Department’s community outreach officer there, with being as close to a mentor as you can have at that age.

“His attitude, his selflessness” inspired me. “It was a positive experience,” said Green, a graduate of Dumbarton High School Class of 2009, who is studying for an associate’s degree in criminal justice from the Community College of Baltimore County. “Now I work with him.”

At the age of 19, Green was hired as a cadet with the police department, where he worked in the Evidence Management Unit until he reached 21, at which point he entered the Baltimore County Police Academy. Six months later, in June 2013, he was sworn in with the graduating rank of officer. He has since been promoted to officer first class.

Upon graduation, he was assigned to the Towson precinct, where has worked for the past two years. “It’s more than what I thought it would be,” Green said of being a policeman. “It’s a huge shift, a mindset, in how people treat you and how I treat people.”

When he talks about a shift, Green, who is African-American, isn’t referring to race. “Most people — 95 percent — treat you the same way,” regardless of race, he said.

Rather, he is talking about being super-cautious in responding to calls, “to making sure everyone goes home safe — the public and me,” said Green, who often responds to 911 calls.

“It’s usually the worst moment of [the caller’s] life. People are very emotional. I listen to both sides without bias. I maintain a level of calm,” he said.

Green also has a way of communicating in other situations that puts people at ease. “You don’t talk down to people. You treat them with some type or respect, and they’re willing to talk to you,” Green said. For example, during the interrogation of a suspect for one crime, Green found out that the man had witnessed the murder at the Welcome Inn, a key factor in helping to solve that crime.

Each of the 10 police precincts in Baltimore County has a Police and Community Relations Council, neighborhood groups that support the precincts. Each precinct council selects an Officer of the Year for that precinct. Capt. Jay Landsman Jr., commander of the Towson Precinct, provided the Towson council with synopses of 2014’s officers of the month for its decision.

Said Landsmann, “Officer Green has a level of maturity and skill beyond his two years’ experience” on the police force.

“It’s not just finding the bad guys. It’s the way Green does interviews, talks to people on the street and gathers information that assists [other officers] in building a case,” Landsman said.

As for Green, he sees himself staying with the police department and, eventually, segueing into the narcotics unit. “I want to get drugs off the street,” said Green, who is proud to be a police officer.

“It’s been a positive experience. I’ve enjoyed the past two years,” he said.

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Fallen Hero Anniversary Date: Officer Charles A. Huckeba

The anniversary date of the line-of-duty-death of Charles A. Huckeba is Monday, July 6, 2015.

Officer Charles Huckeba was gunned down on July 6, 1977 in the Precinct1/Wilkens area while police were attempting to talk an armed, drug abusing man who was barricaded in his family’s home into surrendering.

Under Departmental regulations Memorial Ribbon Bars may be worn on the uniform, above all other ribbons above the badge, on the anniversary dates of Baltimore County police officers killed-in-the-line-of-duty.

Members are encouraged to honor and remember Charles A. Huckeba by wearing their Memorial Ribbon Bars on July 6th of each year.

Raffle to benefit the Baltimore City Officers Suspended without Pay

We are selling raffle tickets for the Baltimore City officers who are suspended without pay.  All proceeds will go directly to them.  Anyone interested in purchasing a ticket may come to the lodge and make a purchase or send a payment (cash or check made to FOP Lodge #4) to the lodge and we will fill out your information on the ticket(s).  Winners will be notified immediately after the drawing. Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $20.

raffle ticket sample

Maryland’s Highest Court Rules That Records of Police Misconduct Can be Kept From Public

Internal records related to a police officer’s misconduct cannot be disclosed to the public and are exempt from the Maryland Public Information Act, the Court of Appeals ruled Thursday.

The question before the state’s highest court centered on whether citizens have a right to know the outcome and other information about an investigation once misconduct allegations are sustained. In a 5-2 ruling, the court said the law exempts personnel information from disclosure and does not differentiate between “sustained” and “unsustained” complaints.

read the opinion:

FOP President Canterbury’s Statement on Violence Against Police


Chuck Canterbury, National President of the Fraternal Order of Police, renewed his call for Congress to expand the existing Federal hate crimes law to include protections for law enforcement officers in the wake of the assault on the Dallas Police Department, an attack on Philadelphia police officers and the shooting of a Florida State Trooper.

“Talking heads on television and inflammatory rhetoric on social media are inciting acts of hatred and violence toward our nation’s peace officers,” Canterbury said. “Our members are increasingly under fire by individuals motivated by nothing more than a desire to kill or injure a cop. Enough is enough!”

“And what is the response from our leaders in Washington? The President and his Administration want to limit our access to anti-ballistic equipment and other surplus gear because it looks too scary,” Canterbury said. “The House passed a spending bill eliminating the program to help communities hire more police officers and refuses to reauthorize a program to help departments buy soft body armor.”

“We need help, we need the right equipment to keep us safe and we need Congress to protect law enforcement officers by expanding the existing hate crimes law to protect police officers.”

Canterbury recounted numerous incidents in the past several days in which law enforcement officers were deliberately targeted for death or injury:

**A gunman armed with assault weapons and explosives used an armored car to get close to the headquarters of the Dallas Police Department and opened fire in an effort to kill law enforcement officers. One of the pipe bombs the assailant had placed outside the building was detonated. Fortunately, no officers were injured in this full-scale assault. Law enforcement officers used .50 caliber rounds to disable the armored vehicle–rounds which new regulations issued by the Obama Administration are now“prohibited” from Federal issuance to State and local agencies.

**Just hours after the incident in Dallas, a gunman opened fire on Philadelphia police officers who were responding to a 911 call. The gunman then barricaded himself in a home resulting in a stand off that lasted several hours. The Philadelphia Police Department deployed a SWAT team and an armored vehicle to protect responding officers. These armored vehicles are now categorized as “controlled equipment” under the Administration’s new guidelines to make them more difficult for local law enforcement to obtain to “soften” the appearance of local law enforcement agencies. While no officers were injured, the gunman killed another man and himself before the incident was resolved.

**In Brevard County, a Florida State Trooper, Lieutenant Channing Taylor, approached a vehicle which was experiencing problems with the headlights while stopped at a gas station. As the driver was producing her drivers’ license, the passenger–a 15-year old boy–drew a handgun and shot Lt. Taylor. The officer returned fire, killing his assailant, and the driver attempted to flee. Lt. Taylor is expected to make a full recovery from his wounds.

“Our nation’s law enforcement officers are in harm’s way–that is the nature of our profession and we understand that goes with the job,” Canterbury said. “Yet we will not allow ourselves to be targets for every would be assassin that wants to make his name by killing a police officer and we deserve the support and respect of our national, State and local leaders.”

“This Administration needs to put public safety ahead of appearance when it comes to equipment programs, the House needs to fund hiring and soft body armor programs and Congress needs to expand the hate crimes law,” Canterbury said. “Summer is not quite here and I do not want to spend it attending funerals for officers killed just because they wear a badge. Enough is enough!”

The Fraternal Order of Police is the largest law enforcement labor organization in the United States, with more than 330,000 members.

Employment Opportunity – Chief of Police Bel Air

The Town of Bel Air, Maryland, is accepting applications for the position of Chief of Police. This is the highest law enforcement position in the Town of Bel Air. The Chief of Police serves under the direct supervision of the Town Administrator and exercises command and operational control of the Bel Air Police Department. The Chief of Police is responsible for enforcing all laws of the municipality and the State of Maryland.

The approximate population of Bel Air is 10,500; with an operating budget of $3.5M for the police department. The police chief is responsible for a total of 31 sworn and 18 civilian personnel.

The position requires strong leadership skills, extensive knowledge of modern police administration and an ability to innovate programs. At a minimum, candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice, business or a related field of study. A minimum of at least 10 years-experience is also required with at least 4 years in a position of management or supervisory responsibility. Supervisory experience should include the oversight of at least 15 sworn officers and support staff in a recognized law enforcement agency. Advanced education beyond a Bachelor’s Degree is desired.

Interested candidates may apply online on or before 4:00 PM, July 6, 2015. EOE.

Click HERE to apply online.

Employment Opportunity: Maryland Judiciary Special Police Officer

Job listing



Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing

Below is a link to the report.

Final Report

Injured Baltimore County Officer and Family in Need of Assistance

On May 12, 2015 PFC James Morrison, a 16 year veteran of our agency and a 19 year member of the Maryland Army National Guard, was involved in a serious motorcycle accident which has left him paralyzed from the chest down.

Jim will be undergoing a period of extensive rehabilitation, and he and his family will be facing a series of financial challenges for his care, transportation, and housing modifications.

If you are interested in reading more of Jim’s story and are willing and able to contribute, an online donation, has been established to raise funds for him and his family.

Employment Opportunity

Health Enforcement Officer

$25 per hour

Temporary positions to last 3-6 months

2-5 days/evenings per week

The Health Enforcement Officers report to the Drumcastle Government Center.  Using County vehicles, the Officers will travel to pick up Tobacco Compliance Assistants at designated Police Precincts or schools; transport the Assistants to tobacco retailers to conduct tobacco compliance buys; write citations for civil violations as appropriate; explain Youth Access Laws to retailers; attend and testify at court hearings; and maintain records of enforcement activities.  Must have valid driver’s license with clean driving record and ability to successfully pass a background investigation.

For more detailed information and to apply contact:

Vicki Pfannenstein at 410-887-3828 or

Baltimore County Health DepartmentDrumcastle Government Center

6401 York Rd. Towson, MD 21212

Donations to Baltimore City Fraternal Order Of Police Lodge #3

Dear Members and Supporters,
The messages of support and encouragement for the officers involved in the situation in Baltimore have been overwhelming. We are extremely grateful and humbled. Along with that support are the many, many people who wish to donate monetarily to support these officers during what appears to be lengthy judicial process. Please know that those donations are very appropriate as these officers will be suffering a loss or reduction of pay and benefits until such time as they are rightfully acquitted.

As often happens during times such as this, there are those who choose to prey on the kindness of others by falsely offering their own methods of donation collection, only to reap the benefit of that generosity for themselves.
As a result, Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #3 is asking the public to be very wary of anyone or any group requesting donations. We are strongly advising that any donations be made to the following organizations as these are the only two with which we are currently associated.
1. Baltimore City FOP, Lodge #3 : By Mail: 3920 Buena Vista Avenue Baltimore, MD 21211 or through a link we have established on our website