Life Insurance Beneficiary Changes

How Do I Change My Baltimore County Life Insurance Beneficiary?

It is very important that you update your beneficiary designations as your life situation changes (e.g., marriage, divorce, death, birth of a child, etc.) to ensure that your life insurance proceeds are paid to the appropriate person(s). A change in your life insurance beneficiary election does not change your pension beneficiary designation; they are separate elections and must be updated separately.
You may designate or update your life insurance beneficiary information quickly and easily at

• If you have not already established an online account, simply click “Need A Login?” and follow the instructions to create your account with The Standard.

• To begin the designation process, select “My Benefits”, “Change My Benefits”, “Change of Beneficiary”.

• If you have any questions about The Standard’s web site or need additional assistance, contact The Standard’s Customer Service at 866-623-0622, Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 6:30 pm EST.
Your basic life insurance benefit plus your additional benefit (if elected) will be paid to the beneficiary(ies) named. You may select a person(s), your estate, or an organization, such as a charity, as your beneficiary(ies). You must designate a primary beneficiary and have the option of designating contingent beneficiaries. A primary beneficiary is the person(s) who will receive a benefit upon your death. A contingent beneficiary is the person(s) who will receive a benefit in the event that all of the designated primary beneficiaries are deceased at the time of your death. If you name two or more beneficiaries in a class (primary or contingent), two or more surviving beneficiaries will share equally, unless you provide for unequal shares.