National Aquarium Passes

Membership Passes to the National Aquarium The Executive Board of Directors of Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #4 has entered into a one year business partnership under the Corporate Membership program with the National Aquarium. This means we have four transferable passes for use by our members. If you are interested in using the passes: You can call or email the Office at (410) 668-0004, or

If they are available on the date you have requested they will be reserved for you.

It will be your responsibility to pick up and return the passes.

On the occasions when different members have passes reserved on adjacent dates we ask the parties to communicate and agree upon a drop-off/pickup location for transferring the passes.

Should the passes become lost or stolen while they are in the member’s possession we will require the member to pay for the replacement cost.

These passes grant access to the aquarium through the corporate membership entrance which should reduce if not eliminate any waiting in line. We are pleased to be able to offer this as an additional benefit to the members of FOP Lodge #4.