Please Watch Your FOP Representatives Testify Testify Against Legislation in Annapolis!

On March 3, 2020, members of the Maryland State Fraternal Order of Police were in Annapolis speaking against several bills are very detrimental to law enforcement. These bills are a must read for every member. They are aimed at reducing your rights under the LEOBR as well as the “reasonable officer” standard that was set by the United States Supreme Court in Graham v Connor 1989, in use of force cases.

Please watch the testimony of your representatives but please, if you can, watch the entire testimony presented by those not in law enforcement. This is what a small vocal segment is trying to do to you in law enforcement. We cannot allow this to happen.

The Bills were are opposing are:
HB166 Use of Force   Watch your FOP Representatives testify 5:38 -6:06

HB1090 Use of Force Watch your FOP Representatives testify 3:08 – 3:22

HB1221 cross filed with SB1029 Personnel and Investigatory Records – Complaints Against Law Enforcement Officers Watch your FOP Representatives testify on HB 1221 at 3:54 – 5:01. SB1029 at 2:16

HB1309 Use of Force Watch your FOP Representatives testify at 6:34

Here is an example of President Rose’s testimony.
Opposition to HB1090

Please contact members of the House Judiciary Committee and Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and urge them to vote “No” on these bills.


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