Tya Smith and Charles Smith

The lodge regrets to announce the passing of Tya M. Smith and Charles Smith, sister-in-law and grandfather-in-law to Officer Sekou Hinton.

It is with tremendous sadness that CIB announces the passing of Kou’s Sister-in-Law and Grandfather-in-Law. Both Tya M. Smith and Charles Smith passed away within hours of each other on 3/18/2020.

Charles Smith passed away in the morning after a prolonged illness. Tya Smith passed away in the early afternoon after dealing with a recently discovered and serious illness.

Due to the pandemic, a Celebration of Life will be scheduled in the future.

The Hinton family is extremely grateful to their family here in the Department as well as staff at GBMC for their thoughts and prayers as they dealt with these illnesses in private. They are encouraged by their faith and are thankful for being able to be close to their family during the pandemic.

Kou is assigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau/Persons Crimes Special Victims Unit.

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