Watch Video Testimony in the State Senate of the FOP Opposition to HB1382-Changes to LEOBR

Members of the Maryland State FOP testify in front of Senate Judicial Proceedings in opposition of HB1382 sponsored by Delegate Luke Clippinger.  The FOP OPPOSES this bill as written. This legislation would Make significant changes to the LEOBR by requiring the entire unedited audio recording of a hearing board made available to the public.

In addition, it would require the “findings of fact”, sustained charges and disciplinary action be released.

These are employment actions between an employer and employee. They not required to be made public for other public employees.

This bill passed in the House Judiciary Committee 19-1. It passed the House 117-21.

It is now in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. Please contact the committee members and urge them to  vote “no” for HB1382. Significant changes were made to the LEOBR in 2016 HB1016 and you are opposed to this or any other changes.

Video of testimony in Senate JPR

The sponsor begins at approximately 17:20
The FOP begins at approximately 24:45

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