2013 Corporal Exam Information


It has come to the FOP’s attention that there were errors in the scoring calculations of the Corporal Exam.  Some candidates may not have been given credit for question #67 which was grieved and changed to “all answers will receive credit”.

The Office of Human Resources staff is checking to make sure that everyone that should have received credit for that question has their score adjusted to reflect the correct score.  This may have an effect on the final ranking of some candidates.

Additionally, the scores were sent to candidates reflecting whole numbers (ex. 77).  All scores should be reflected to show a decimal point value (ex. 77.65).  This should make clear any questions of seniority.

Once this is completed the eligibility list will be re-established and all candidates will receive corrected scores.

We encourage all candidates to contact OHR and arrange to go there to view your answer sheet to ensure accuracy.  Additionally all candidates should review their 2013 CORPORAL PROMOTION PROCESS SCORE REPORT.

Today’s promotional draft for Corporal was put on hold until the list can be verified as true and accurate. 

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