3 Sought in Abingdon Home Invasion, Forced Bank Withdrawal

… Woman was coerced into drawing ‘significant sum’ …


By Michael Dresser, The Baltimore Sun

6:20 PM EST, March 12, 2011

Harford County police continued Saturday to seek three suspects in an Abingdon home invasion in which the victim was taken to a local bank and coerced by a robber into withdrawing a “significant sum” of money from her account.

Monica Worrell, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office, said two armed men wearing black ski masks confronted the woman, who had been expecting her mother, when she answered her front door in the 2600 block of Smallwood Drive about 10:30 a.m. Friday.

Worrell said the men demanded cash, and when she said she did not have any forced her to drive her vehicle two miles to a bank at the corner of Emmorton Road and Bel Air South Parkway. One suspect accompanied her while the other remained in the home, Worrell said.

The spokeswoman said the woman entered the bank alone and withdrew the specific amount of money demanded by the robber.

“She was abducted and coerced to go take the money from her bank,” Worrell said.

Police do not believe the woman was chosen at random, Worrell said. “We do believe she was targeted,” she added,

The amount of money the robber took was not released, but Worrell said the sum was “significant.”

After returning to the car, the woman was forced at gunpoint to drive to Hidden Ridge Terrace in the Box Hill South area of Abingdon, Worrell said. There, the robber got out of the woman’s car and left in a vehicle driven by a third suspect.

Police described that vehicle as a red, older, boxy-style Jeep Cherokee with a black stripe on the side and a white rear bumper.

Worrell said the woman drove to her home, where she found that her mother had just arrived and the other robber was gone. She asked a neighbor to call 911 because the robbers had disabled both her home phone and cell phone.

As of Saturday afternoon, there had been no arrests. Sheriff’s deputies had issued an alert for officers in Harford and nearby counties to be on the alert for a Jeep matching the description of the getaway vehicle. Worrell said police believe the Jeep “will be instrumental” in finding the robbers. .

Police asked anyone with information to contact Detective Chris Sergent at 410-836-5428.


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