Top Official Will Get Jail, And Hi$ Full $tate Pen$ion

Thursday, July 21, 2011 – Steve Fermier
The former Prince George’s County executive is getting a substantial pension despite admitting he took bribes and faces jail time.Jack Johnson faces sentencing in a couple of months after pleading guilty to federal charges of corruption for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from developers who wanted special treatment from the county.

He could get 13 years behind bars.

But what some term a “loophole” in the state pension law will allow Johnson to collect around $40-thousand a year in pension payouts for the rest of his life.

At least one state lawmaker says he’s planning to introduce legislation to close the loophole. 

His annual salary was about 4 times that amount.

One state lawmaker called that a loophole and said he plans to introduce a bill to close it.

Johnson’s wife, a county council member, resigned in the same scandal after pleading to federal corruption charges.


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