Baltimore County Going Paperless For Paychecks …

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
John Patti


WBAL’s John Patti talks to Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz about switching to a paperless paycheck system

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Baltimore County is going to switch from printed paychecks and pay stubs to providing employee payroll information on a secure web-based system.

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz says this change increases convenience for employees, enabling them to view payroll information earlier as well as remotely.

“Distributing paper paychecks and stubs is an unnecessary cost as well as a waste of valuable staff time and natural resources,” said County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.

Kamenetz says this idea was actually prompted by employee suggestions and is another step the county is taking to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness through technology.

Currently, County agencies distribute 9,500 bi-weekly paychecks and pay stubs through hand-delivery to widespread County offices and facilities. Kamenetz says this labor-intensive process involves expenses for specialized security ink, paper, envelopes, in-house printing and envelope insertion operations. Another 800 checks are mailed monthly to certain part-time employees at an annual postage cost of more than $4,000.

The County recently shifted the delivery of employee W-2 tax forms from mailing hard copy forms to providing online access via the same web-based system as will be used for payroll information. This eliminated an annual expenditure of approximately $10,000.

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