AAA: Tests Show Speed Cameras Inaccurate

Friday, August 19, 2011 – Steve Fermier and Washington Examiner
The company that has installed speed cameras in more than a dozen communities in Maryland is being accused of having inaccurate equipment.AAA Mid-Atlantic says the cameras catching speeders and ordering up fines in College Park should not be considered legal…and should not be used to issue tickets.

A recent test developed by a Prince George’s County man, who has gotten dozens of tickets, purportedly shows that the cameras do not accurately record speed and violate state and county standards.

The cameras in College Park are credited with raising almost $2 and a half million with up to $600-thousand going to College Park and the rest to Optotraffic which developed and owns the system.

A spokesman for the company said what AAA is claiming is inaccurate according to the Washington Examiner.


… Remember, despite what they say, it’s all about the revenue. …


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