The Fraternal Order of Police is the largest professional police organization in the country. It serves as the voice of those who dedicate their lives protecting and serving our communities. Its members are committed to improving the working conditions of law enforcement officers and the safety of those we serve through education, legislation, employee representation, and community involvement.

Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4 was founded by 32 sworn members of the Baltimore County Police Department and chartered on December 3, 1970. The organization was incorporated within the State of Maryland on June 28, 1971. It has grown from the original 32 members to over 3,100 active and retired members today.

Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4 is subordinate to the Maryland State Fraternal Order of Police Lodge which was founded on November 8, 1967 and has over 20,000 members and the National Fraternal Order of Police Grand Lodge which was founded on May 14, 1915 and has over 346,000 members.

Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police has accomplished much in its brief history. The right to collectively bargain with the county administration was earned and supported by a bill which was signed into law in 1977. This resulted in the production of the first collective bargaining agreement which was signed on the August 8th, 1978. In 2002 an initiative was under taken to include binding arbitration as a dispute resolution process in the employee relations act. After a successful ballot referendum the bill was signed into law and took effect on November 1, 2003.

The Lodge
As the membership increased a much needed office to conduct business was purchased on January 14, 1983. The property and building are located at 9304 Harford Road, Carney, Maryland and was dedicated on November 4, 1984. The original building served the membership for 14 years. Additional growth required the construction of the current building which was built to the rear of the same site. Construction began on November 13, 1997, and the new facility opened for business on April 28, 1998.

Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4 salutes all of the police officers who have faithfully served the citizens of Baltimore County since 1874.