Accused DMI Leader Held Without Bond

February 23, 2011

Perry Roark, the reputed leader of the growing prison gang Dead Man Inc., was transferred yesterday from state prison to the Anne Arundel County Detention Center to face murder charges in the beating death of fellow inmate in 1994. Though his file remains sealed, officials at the Jennifer Road Detention Center say he is being held without bond.

We wrote about Roark over the weekend, with authorities from across the state describing him as a violent leader of a white prison gang started in the late 1990s that has grown rapidly here and across the country. Roark, serving a 25-year prison sentence for a 1991 robbery, was set to be released Tuesday on mandatory release, but state police and Anne Arundel prosecutors turned back the clock on his sentence with the 17-year-old murder charge.

Court papers say little about the new charge, and news outlets didn’t report the death of George Hartman in the House of Correction at the time. It may be some time before we get more information, as prosecutors are likely in no rush to try the case.

In a bit of irony, Dead Man Inc. reportedly has long prohibited members from being recruited in county detention centers, whose inmates they saw as inferior and softer than state prisoners. Now their reputed leader is housed in a county facility.

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