Additional Personal Information Discovered on Contractors Computer

On October 31, 2013, I sent out an email and a letter informing current and past county employees that during the investigation of an identity theft case not involving the county, Baltimore County investigators discovered certain personal information of current and former Baltimore County employees on computers seized from the home of the suspect in the investigation. Therein, I wrote that “the data found on the suspect’s computers did not include employee financial or other bank account information, or credit or debit card numbers.”

That statement reflected what we knew at the time, but I must inform you now that, upon further investigation, the investigators have discovered bank account and bank routing numbers in another set of records on the computers seized from the suspect. Those particular files of 6,633 employees were also improperly copied from a County employee’s work computer on May 9, 2012.    Those 6,633 employees will receive a letter informing them that their data was copied on this additional file.  The letter will be mailed Tuesday morning.

This data was discovered in payroll files created in January and March of 2007 and contained the personal information of those employees who, on those dates, had their paychecks direct deposited into their bank accounts. The file also contained other data relevant to the employee including the employee’s name, County identification number, home address, the amount deposited into the employee’s account and social security number.   No banking or routing information for employees hired after March 2007 was found on the suspect’s computers.

I apologize that this information was not included in the original correspondence that I sent you last week regarding this unfortunate incident. I understand that the investigators are nearing the completion of their review of approximately 30 terabytes of data on the computers seized from the suspect (this is a tremendous amount of data; the total amount of information stored in the United States Library of Congress amounts to about10 terabytes). Even with the state-of-the art forensic equipment available to the county investigators, it is a massive undertaking to go through each piece of data found on the seized computers.  Should any additional information be discovered, I will alert you immediately.

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Fred Homan



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