Arundel Council Kills Exemption for Dealers in Secondhand Guns

… Measure would have amended law that requires reporting of sales …

By Nicole Fuller, The Baltimore Sun

5:19 PM EDT, June 21, 2011

The Anne Arundel County Council on Monday night soundly defeated a measure that would have exempted dealers in secondhand firearms from registering gun acquisitions with county police.

Councilman Jerry Walker, a Republican from southern Anne Arundel, sponsored the legislation and was the lone supporter.

Walker was seeking to amend a law passed last summer requiring retailers selling secondhand merchandise, including guns, to report information about sellers and the merchandise to a computerized police database within 24 hours. Several surrounding jurisdictions — including Baltimore — have a similar law, and Anne Arundel would have been the only one to exempt dealers in secondhand guns.

The law requires secondhand retailers to wait 30 days before selling many items and to pay a $250 annual fee, plus $50 for each employee compiling the information.

County Executive John R. Leopold opposed the bill, saying it would make Anne Arundel a haven for stolen merchandise. Walker and a handful of gun dealers argued that the law amounted to an undue tax on small businesses and unfair regulation on guns.

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