Baltimore Co. Council Supports Partially Elected School Board

… Change from appointments needed after erosion of trust, councilmen say …

By Liz Bowie, The Baltimore Sun

9:58 AM EDT, August 3, 2011

In an attempt to push for a more accountable school board, a majority of Baltimore County Council members have come out in support of changing the member selection process from appointed to partially elected.

While the council has no direct say over whether the change will be made, its backing of the measure that will come before the Maryland General Assembly this year could help sway legislators.

The letter was written to Del. Kathy Klausmeier and Del. Steve Lafferty, who head a legislative task force looking into whether the board structure should change, and was signed by council members Vicki Almond, Todd Huff, David Marks and Cathy Bevins.

“While we believe the school system is fundamentally strong, there are disturbing issues that have eroded the trust that must exist between parents and those who lead our public schools,” the letter said.

In the past year, teachers and parents have expressed concern about a number of issues, including changes in a policy that gives the public less access to the use of school buildings, concern about ethics, and questions about how the school system is spending taxpayer money.

“People are frustrated and upset because they are not being heard at all,” Almond said. “I personally think it is time for a complete overhaul.”

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