Baltimore County FOP Lodge #4 Press release on Body Worn Cameras

We recognize that in light of recent national events the public has an interest in this new technology and generally may support its use.  However, we caution everyone, including locally elected officials to not see the use of this technology as a panacea to these events.  The implementation and placing of Body Worn Cameras on officers and having them turn them on, is not as simple as it sounds.  There are many privacy concerns that must be addressed, the storage costs of the vast amount of video as well as other technological hurdles.

The fact that currently there are Commissions to study the implementation of Body Worn Cameras at the national and state levels and in Baltimore City demonstrates the complexity of the issue.  All of the issues involving the implementation of Body Worn Cameras must be thoroughly thought out, discussed and vetted for legal sufficiency so any policy that is implemented can balance the concerns of everyone involved.  Until this happens, no officer should be made to carry a Body Worn Camera.


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