Baltimore County FOP Lodge #4’s Response to Facebook Posting by a County Dispatcher

The FOP has received several e-mails and phone calls in reference to a Facebook post by a county employee who works in the communications center. While we acknowledge this person’s 1st Amendment rights, we must proclaim that under no circumstances do we, as an organization, think this expression is appropriate for this person’s current job in communications.

In the law enforcement community, dispatchers serve as a lifeline to get us accurate information and backup when we call for them. We rely on this hoping they act promptly and without prejudices that will put our lives in jeopardy.  In Baltimore County, dispatchers do an excellent job of accomplishing this most difficult and crucial task.

This employee should not be allowed to continue in a position where she could jeopardize the safety of our police officers with her clear and now public views on law enforcement.

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