Baltimore County Savings Bank Changes Charter

… Becomes state-chartered commercial bank …

By Hanah Cho, The Baltimore Sun

8:20 PM EDT, September 30, 2011

Baltimore County Savings Bank has converted from a federally chartered savings institution to a state-chartered commercial bank, it announced Friday.

Joseph J. Bouffard, the president and chief executive officer of the bank and parent BCSB Bancorp, said the move was is consistent with the bank’s community banking focus and would allow it to better “compete in our market.”

The conversion became effective as of Friday’s closing. It will not change customers’ loan and deposit accounts or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp’s $250,000 insurance limit.

The bank, which has 17 branches in the Baltimore region, has undergone a series of changes over the years.

It survived an alleged check-kiting scheme perpetrated by a commercial customer; emerged from supervision by the Office of Thrift Supervision; converted to a fully publicly traded company in 2008 and repaid $10.8 million in federal aid earlier this year under the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

The Maryland Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond approved the conversion.

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