Balto. Co. Council to Vote on Speed-camera Contract

Alison Knezevich

3:34 PM EST, January 17, 2012

Baltimore County Council members will take up a contract tonight that would let the county install up to 32 new traffic cameras over the next seven years.

The council is expected to approve the contract along party lines. Republican Councilman David Marks has said he would vote against it. Councilman Todd Huff has said he would likely do the same. Both opposed the expansion of speed cameras last year.

Also on the council’s agenda is the introduction of a transgender anti-discrimination bill and a term-limits proposal.

The anti-discrimination legislation has four sponsors: Tom Quirk as lead sponsor, along with fellow Democrats Vicki Almond, Cathy Bevins and Kenneth Oliver.

Marks is sponsoring the term-limits legislation, but he doesn’t have much support on the council for it. It would limit council members to three consecutive terms starting in 2014, if voters approved a referendum to do so.

County GOP Chairman Steve Kolbe released a statement today criticizing Councilman John Olszewski and other Democrats for comments they made in opposition to the bill.

“John Olszewski and the rest of the Democrats are not against term limits,” Kolbe said. “They are against the voters deciding.”

The council is scheduled to discuss the anti-discrimination and term-limit bills in more detail at a council work session later this month.

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