Balto. Co. Working to Move More Operations Online

… Kamenetz announces more than 20 technology measures aimed at cutting costs …

By Raven L. Hill, The Baltimore Sun

2:23 PM EST, February 22, 2011

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said Tuesday that he plans to implement 23 technology initiatives across various departments that should eventually result in millions of dollars in savings annually.

Kamenetz said it won’t take long for the county to recoup its initial $5 million costs — some savings will come in a few months while others will not take longer than five years.

Initiatives include an online constituent services portal, an online scheduling system for the CountyRide program, which gives transports senior and disabled residents, improving the online application for the comprehensive zoning map process and giving police officers a computerized system for tickets and citations.

“It’s important that we leverage the potential of technology by increasing the effectiveness of government,” Kamenetz said, “but without increasing our payroll.”

Last fall, Kamenetz asked Rob Stradling, the director of information technology, to recommend technology enhancements by February that could be made quickly to cut spending and improve efficiency.

The county executive said he plans to implement all recommendations in the next 6 to 18 months.

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