Binding Arbitration Tops Ballot Questions In County

Saturday, October 30, 2010
Robert Lang

John Ripley is president of the Baltimore County Federation of Public Employees the county’s second largest union. He supports Question A.

Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith and the county’s second largest government worker labor union are at odds over a ballot question that would submit contract talks for the works to binding arbitration, if no contract agreement can be reached.

County Executive Jim Smith said this week binding arbitration would place the county “in financial jeopardy” because the arbitrator could recommend a contract that county taxpayers could not afford.  Smith, who is not running for re-election due to term limits, said binding arbitration would make it harder for a future county executive and council to create a balanced budget.

John Ripley, president of the Baltimore County Federation of Public Employees, calls Smith’s claims “nonsense.”

He notes that binding arbitration would only be used as a last resort in contract talks.  He also says county police officers and firefighters already have binding arbitration, and it has only been used once in county history.

If the question passes on Tuesday, binding arbitration would be available to health care workers, sheriff’s deputies, code enforcement, animal control workers and road inspectors.

Question A is one of ten questions before voters on Tuesday in Baltimore County.

… Baltimore County Lodge No. 4 supports and endorses passage of Question A. …

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