Bowie Attorney Beats Speed Camera Citation

Tuesday, May 03, 2011 – John Patti, Bill Vanko, and The Maryland Daily Record
Bowie attorney James Liskow says he always fights his speeding tickets. and this one was a no-brainer.

He was snapped going 45mph in a 30mph zone on Georgia Avenue just south of Viers Mill Road in Montgomery County last December.

Liskow’s challenge was based on the part of the speed camera law in Montgomery County that deals with evidence at trial.

Liskow’s arguement was based on the fact that what he received in the mail dealt with a wrong section of the law. The citation he received in the mail was supposed to include the offending photo, vehicle registration number, and date and time of the violation which it did. But it also referred to a section of the law that states that the citation is to include the county plan describing the proposed location of the speed monitoring system, published notice of the speed camera’s location and a signed certificate attesting the camera passed its annual calibration check. None of that information appeared on the citation Liskow received in the mail.

He appealed, the ticket was tossed.

It’s unclear how this will affect other cases.

The Maryland Daily Record reports that the 5 year old statute could be easily tweaked in legislation that allows lawmakers to correct errors and omissions in state laws.

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