BTU Sets New Vote Date

November 3, 2010

The Baltimore Teachers Union has announced a new voting date, when they will make another attempt at passing a radically new contract that was rejected by city educators last month.

According to the BTU website, union members will head back to the polls on Wednesday, Nov. 17, where they will be able to casts ballots from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The polling places have not yet been determined.

Since the revised contract was released on Oct. 19, the BTU appears to have upped its game in running a more organized, sophisticated and colorful campaign to present new details outlined in the contract to teachers. In addition to more information accessible on its Web site, the union has run a series of meetings, almost every day, after school hours, at sites around the city. Sources tell us that the tone of the meetings can sometimes undermine the purpose, but the debate is continuing nonetheless.

It seems that with the help of the American Federation of Teachers, the union is taking notes from the first-go-round, in looking to spread its message far, wide and in as unified a way as possible to change minds and boost turnout — and ensure that people are making an informed decision.

But, what the next vote may prove, above all, is whether the defeat of the new contract was really about the delivery or the details, or just plan dissent.

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