City Officer Charged in Drug Case to be in Court Today

… Daniel Redd accused of dealing drugs from police parking lot …

The Baltimore Sun

8:59 AM EDT, July 22, 2011

Baltimore police officer Daniel G. Redd is scheduled to appear this morning in front of a federal judge who could decide to release him pending trial on drug charges or keep him in custody until his trial.

The 41-year-old police officer was ordered detained after his arrest on Tuesday. Assistant U.S. Attorney James Wallner cited his “dangerousness and risk of flight.” The officer, arrested at the Northwest District police station, is charged with heroin distribution and firearms violations.

His arrest, along with several others, capped a six-month investigation involving wiretaps and surveillance. At one point, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Baltimore, the officer made a drug deal in the parking lot of his police station in Park Heights.

Richard McFeely, the special agent in charge of Baltimore’s FBI field office, said in a statement the suspected drug organization “flooded the streets of Baltimore with heroin.”

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