Section 3-106.1 – Disclosures – Punitive Action

(New section added, effective 10/1/14 House Bill 598)

(A) A law enforcement agency required by law to disclose information for use as impeachment or exculpatory evidence in a criminal case, solely for the purpose of satisfying the disclosure requirement, may maintain a list of law enforcement officers who have been found or alleged to have committed acts which bear on credibility, integrity, honesty, or other characteristics that would constitute exculpatory or impeachment evidence.

(B) A law enforcement agency may not, based solely on the fact that a law enforcement officer is included on the list maintained under subsection (A) of this section, take punitive action against the law enforcement officer, including:

1. Demotion;
2. Dismissal;
3. Suspension without pay; or
4. Reduction in pay.

(C) A law enforcement agency that maintains a list of law enforcement officers under subsection (A) of this section shall provide timely notice to each law enforcement officer whose name has been placed on the list.

(D) A law enforcement officer maintains all rights of appeal provided in this subtitle.