Convicted Rapist Admits To Murdering Two Women

Friday, March 18, 2011 – Scott Wykoff
Less than two months after being convicted for raping and attempting to kill a woman, William Vincent Brown plead guilty to two additional murders.

For the three crimes, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Timothy Doory sentenced Brown today to life in prison with all but 50 years suspended.

During a three-month period in 2003, Brown, 44, murdered Antania Mills, raped and disfigured Wendy Davis, and killed Emma O’Hearn, according to evidence presented at the defendant’s trial involving the attack on Ms. Davis and Brown’s subsequent plea of guilty to the two murders.

15 years old at the time, Mills was discovered on March 7, 2003, along the side of the road, nude with a shirt wrapped tightly around her neck, shoe strings and a cloth belt binding her ankles. The cause of death was blunt force trauma and asphyxiation. One month later, Davis was found unconscious in Leakin Park by employees of the Baltimore Department of Parks and Recreation. So severe were her injuries that she required reconstructive surgery to both ears and physical therapy to learn to eat again.

A Baltimore City Circuit court jury convicted Brown in January 2011 of second-degree attempted murder and second-degree rape for his attack on Davis. In June 2003, O’Hearn, barely conscious and severely beaten, was located by two students on the grounds of Calverton Middle School. She ultimately died from the severe head trauma she suffered.

“The defendant targeted defenseless, vulnerable young women facing challenges such as mental issues, addiction, and poverty. He believed that these women were expendable and that we wouldn’t pursue their killer with vigor because of their backgrounds. He was wrong on both counts. Nobody in our city is invisible, second class, or beneath our concern,” said State’s Attorney Gregg  Bernstein, who filed a Sentencing Memorandum with the Court.


… Goodbye, Mr. Brown. …


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