County Executive-elect Kamenetz Wants Review Of Government Productivity

…Venetoulis to serve on new executive’s transition team …

November 5, 2010

By Steve Schuster

Baltimore County Executive-elect Kevin Kamenetz announced Thursday that former county executive Ted  Venetoulis will serve as a key player on his transition team in the wake of Kamenetz’s victory in the Nov. 2 general election.

Kamenetz said he expects changes in county government once he takes office,  including reduction of staff levels through attrition.

“I am not talking about furloughs or layoffs,” Kamenetz said at a press conference in Towson.

He declined to talk specifics, but Kamenetz said he has requested that County Administration Officer Fred Homan complete “an analysis of projects in each county department that have the potential to increase organizational productivity.”

He said that when he takes office Dec. 6, he expects to have detailed reports on his desk outlining plans to make county government more efficient.

“The reality [is] that Baltimore County will have to do more with less as it works its way out of the most severe economic downturn since the Great Depression,” he said.

Kamenetz also gave the county’s information technology department a Feb. 1, 2011, deadline to prepare a list of “prioritized recommendations” of technological enhancements.

Kamenetz also announced that Venetoulis has volunteered to serve as his transition adviser.

Venetoulis, a Democrat, served as county executive from 1974-1978, and has since been a publisher and author.

“Ted will also serve as point of contact to share ideas … I have a big tent and welcome as many in as possible, Democrat or Republican … to make Baltimore County better,” he said.

Kamenetz said he and Ventetoulis encourage residents to share ideas for improving the county by sending e-mails to

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