County Executive Kamenetz Introduces Anti-Labor Legislation

FOP Lodge #4 is against two bills the Kamenetz administration has submitted to the Baltimore County Council.

Bill 6-13 seeks to create a dispute resolution process that stops short with advisory arbitration instead of binding arbitration for Health Care.

  • Advisory Arbitration does not give any incentive for the administration to attempt to settle an agreement.
  • Binding Arbitration would be binding on the Executive only and the County Council would retain the final authority.

Bill 7-13 seeks to remove pension related issues from the Baltimore County Board of Appeals to the Office of Administrative Hearings.

  •  There is nothing wrong with the current system.
  • The Board of Appeals is made up of members appointed by the Baltimore County Council. Each Council member has one appointment and they convene in three person panels to hear cases.
  • The Office of Administrative hearings was created by the Baltimore County Executive who appoints the hearing officers who individually hear cases.
  • The Executive is attempting to gain control over the process by moving jurisdiction. This is detrimental for Baltimore County Employees.

Please email or call the members of the Baltimore County Council and ask them to vote against Bill 6-13 and 7-13.

Tom Quirk, Council District 1,                   410-887-0896
Vicki Almond, Council District 2,            410-887-3385
Todd Huff, Council District 3,                    410-887-3387
Kenneth Oliver, Council District 4,         410-887-0784
David Marks, Council District 5,               410-887-3384
Cathy Bevins, Council District 6,              410-887-5223
John Olszewski, Council District 7,         410-887-7174




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