County Gives Employees One Time Bonus

Thursday, October 27, 2011 – Anne Kramer
Employees in Harford County will be receiving a one time bonus thanks to a $32-million fund balance.

Harford County Executive David Craig tells WBAL Radio the money came from the administration making cuts the last few years and income tax revenues were higher than projected.

He says employees will be getting a $1250 bonus.  Employees will have to pay taxes on the bonus.

The rest of the fund will go to pay for one time capital projects and for any unfunded mandates from the State, according to Craig.

The County  Executive says the county employees have had to go without raises the last two years, had their pay cut because of rising health care costs and some were even furloughed as a result of the tough economy.

The County Council has to approve the bonus.

Read more from the Harford County Executive’s Office.

(Bel Air, MD) – – As a result of conservative budgeting and unanticipated revenues to the county, Harford County Executive David R. Craig has announced a General Fund fund balance of approximately $32 million beyond the required reserves for FY 11. As a result, after three years of wage freezes and employees having to absorb a portion of their health care and pension contribution increases, Harford County Executive David R. Craig has announced a one-time pay bonus for all county employees in FY 12. Those eligible to receive the bonus are county employees, Harford County Public School system employees, Harford County Public Library personnel, as well as personnel of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, the State’s Attorney’s Office, the Circuit Court and the Judiciary. Money to pay for the one-time bonus will be used from monies in the county’s fund balance. The fund balance will also be used to help pay for one-time Capital Improvement Projects which will help the county save money by not bonding such projects over the course of several years. Funding to support the one-time pay bonus and limited capital projects will come from a fund balance created through several years of conservative budgeting and an increase of income tax receipts the county treasury collected. The one-time $1,250 bonus for county employees will be paid in two installments; the first in December 2011 and the second in June of 2012.  The allocation of funds for the one time employee bonus requires legislative approval from the County Council. A bill to do so will be introduced at the November 1st County Council meeting.

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