County Police Arrest Alleged Fake Cop …

Thursday, February 23, 2012
Steve Fermier

Police in Baltimore County have arrested a suspected police impersonator.

The real officers have charged Derek Propalis of Parkville.

He was actually picked up last month when officers noticed a Crown Victoria modified with some equipment that looked like a real cruiser.

Police said those included emergency lights, laptop, spotlight, and even a siren. 

A search of Propalis’ home turned up alleged uniforms, badges, and other police and military items. The search warrant led to the discovery of real and replica weapons as well, police said. 

Police say he had material from several different police agencies, including Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Maryland State Police, Minneapolis Police, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and the United States Marine Corps Military Police.   

Police are asking anyone who suspect they were stopped or encountered the suspect to contact them.

Propalis is being held in home detention, charged with impersonating an officer.  He has no bail status.

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