COVID-19 Q & A’s Employers and Vaccine Mandates

The FOP does not support the mandating of a vaccine. It is an individual choice that should be made after consultation between an individual and his/her doctor or religious beliefs.
However, there is a long history of case law dating back over a century that does support a government entity and employer’s authority to issue such a mandate.
While the FOP may not be able to legally stop the implementation of such a mandate, we can bargain over the implementation of such a policy. At this time we have had one meeting for approximately 90 minutes, the day of the announcement. We have communicated the views of the membership and will continue to do so as we work toward resolution.

Below is a legal opinion from the National FOP that gives insight to many questions about employers and the mandating of vaccines. I urge everyone to read it. We have also provided the extensive case history, ADA, EEOC and other resources. Please take the time to read these resources.
COVID-19 Questions and Answers
Jacobson v Massachusetts Supreme Court 1905 The main case supporting vaccine mandates
Zucht v King Supreme Court 1922 Vaccine Mandates do not violate the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment
Bridges v Houston Methodist United States District Court of Southern Texas June 2021
Horvath v City of Leander (Reasonable Accommodation) United States Court of Appeals 5th Circuit Court January 2020
Klaasen v Trustees of Indiana University United States Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit Court August 2021
What you should know about COVID, the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act and other EEO Laws
COVID Vaccination and Testing Program Facts
Scientific American – Vaccine Mandates are lawful
Constitution Daily -Current Constitutional Issues Related to the Vaccine
Public Safety Labor News – Vaccines and Employment Law
Vaccine Mandates are Surviving Nearly Every Court Challenge

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