Delaware Cracks Down On Cell Phones

Thursday, February 17, 2011 – Steve Fermier and Associated Press
Delaware officials say hundreds of people have been ticketed for violating the state’s new ban on using hand-held phones while driving.

Police across the state have given tickets to 718 drivers for violating the ban on hand-held cell phones since the new law began Jan. 2.

State Office of Highway Safety spokeswoman Alison Kirk says that shows that police are cracking down.

The law also bans texting while driving, and drivers cannot use pagers, Blackberrys, PDAs, laptops, games or any other electronic devices.

Police can pull over a driver observed talking on a hand-held device. First-time offenders get a $50 fine.

Repeat offenses increase to $100 and can go as high as $200. Violations do not incur points on a driver’s license.

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