Double Murderer Sentenced to Serve 45 Years of Two Life Terms

… Convicted of killing two teenagers …

By Tricia Bishop, The Baltimore Sun

2:04 PM EDT, May 5, 2011

Timothy Crockett, 26, was sentenced to two life terms in prison — with all but 45 years of the sentence suspended — for the double murder of two teen-agers, the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office announced Thursday.

A jury found in March that Crockett shot Darrius Harrison and Djuan Anderson, both 17, in Senator Troy Braily-Easterwood Park in June 2008. The event occurred two weeks after he had been released from a federal penitentiary in Illinois, where he was serving time for a gun charge, and while he was on probation for drug dealing.

The killings violated the terms of the latter arrangement, and a Baltimore judge subsequently sentenced Crockett to nearly 10 years in prison for the breach. He will begin serving the new sentence, handed down Wednesday, after he completes the probation violation term.

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… Goodbye, Mr. Crockett. …


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