Drivers License Card Readers Coming To Local Police Force

Monday, January 10, 2011 – Scott Wykoff
$415,000 has been awarded the Baltimore County Police Department from the U.S. Department of Transportation to support commercial driver’s license (CDL) enforcement and education. A portion of these funds will be used to purchase 200 electronic citation systems for patrol vehicles. This will increase the efficiency of traffic stops and improve the transmission of data to the courts and other highway safety agencies.

A second portion of these funds will also be used to develop an educational program for police officers, prosecutors, and court personnel. The Baltimore County Police Department has partnered with the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) to develop this program, which will be used nationally to promote CDL enforcement.

“Imagine if you will that you went into a retail establishment and you swipe your debit card through a reader,” says Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson. “this is the same principal where a drivers license will simply be swiped through a card reader. Obviously this eliminates the old school method of hand writing citations, so we expect to see efficiency and effectiveness in this process as well as shortening that a motorist is detained during a traffic stop.”

“The Baltimore County Police Department has traffic safety and crime fighting strategies that will not only make Baltimore County a safer place to live, but will also improve the safety of our roadways for millions of motorists and pedestrians”, Chief Jim Johnson added. “Today’s event is important because the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s investment will allow us to continue to use technology to expand our commitment to traffic safety and data driven policing.”

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