Ex-Cadet sues over alleged cheating on police test

Friday, October 15, 2010
Steve Fermier and Washington Post

WBAL’s Steve Fermier reports on the lawsuit in the alleged cheating scandal.

One of the former cadets who blew the whistle on the cheating scandal has filed a $1.5 million federal lawsuit…alleging he was dismissed from the class because he complained.

Perfect scores were recorded for all of the students in the summer 2009 class.

Steven LaPier claims the instructor said as he passed out the test, “we’re going to do this Enron style” and then gave out correct answers.

LaPier went along with the cheating but reported it afterward to a commander, the Washington Post reported.

He was dismissed later and told it was because he fainted during a training run.

The instructor was moved out of the academy.

The police chief has denied that any students cheated. Records show perfect scores on 11 tests.


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