Baltimore County Police Memorial History

On June 22, 1975 the original Police Memorial was dedicated at the corner of Joppa Road and Goucher Boulevard. This 40 foot tall black structure was designed in a half moon style with two flagpoles and a concrete semi-circle wall to display bronze plaques of fallen Officers. The setting was such that attendees to the yearly service were placed at the mercy of loud traffic and unsafe conditions. Family and visitors were hardly ever seen at the memorial because of its isolated location. In an effort to provide a more reflective memorial for our officers, their families, friends, and visitors, a process was undertaken to create a new memorial by generating public funds for its construction. After several months, with the help of private citizens, business and corporate leaders and the community, the new memorial was designed, funded, erected and dedicated on May 21, 1996 at the Courthouse Square.The Baltimore County Police Memorial is located on the West Knoll of the Courthouse Plaza in Towson, Maryland. This beautiful gray granite memorial is a perfect replica of a Baltimore County Police Officer’s badge with panels on either side to honor those officers who have given the ultimate sacrifice while protecting our citizens.

The courthouse square location is a perfect setting. It allows family, friends, citizens, and visitors the opportunity to pause, reflect, and pay homage to our fallen heroes as they move through the course of their normal day. As a yearly reminder the police department, our heroes’ family, county citizens and visitors gather together every May for a memorial service at the courthouse square. The peaceful quiet setting allows attendees time to reflect on the past and hope for the future.

Funding and construction for the Police Memorial was coordinated by the Baltimore County Police Memorial Fund Inc. under the chairmanship of Mr. G. Warren Mix. Following the completion of the Memorial the Baltimore County Police Memorial Fund Inc. remained dormant until August of 2005.

In August of 2005, under the chairmanship of Retired Colonel Dennis M. Robinson, the Fund was resurrected and Articles of Revival for the fund were filed with the State of Maryland, Department of Assessments and Taxation. A 501(c) (3) tax exempt status was re-established for the Fund. The State identification number is D2100204. The Federal identification number is 521463136.

The intent of the resurrected Fund was to enhance the Police Memorial by creating a lighted, handicap accessible pathway to and around the Memorial with permanent stone benches for families, co-workers and friends of our officers. The actual memorial was not disturbed in any manner; however the approach to it was modified to create the access path.

The path approaches from the side opposite of the Court Plaza and parallel with West Chesapeake Avenue. It continues in a circular fashion around the Memorial. Two granite benches were installed on the outside of the path facing the Memorial.The modification to the Memorial enhanced its use during the annual memorial services, and allows easy access to the memorial as a place where loved ones and co-workers of the deceased officers can reflect on the life of the officer. This effort also sends a strong message to current and future officers that their service and sacrifices will never be forgotten, and are always appreciated.
This conception of the Memorial reflects the theme of the Memorial Fund Committee which is to provide “a private moment touching our past, present and future.”

In 2019 Patriot Plaza was remodeled to make the area more accessible and inviting to the public. The area around the Police Memorial was also modified. The hill on which it sits was reduced and a step leading up to the memorial was installed. A retaining wall was also built on the Chesapeake Avenue side. The fountain on the Patriot Plaza side was removed and replaced with a grassy area and tables where people can gather and be social.

The names of 10 officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the citizens of Baltimore County are engraved on the memorial.