FEMA Approves $4 Million For Baltimore County

… February 2010 snow cleanup …


By Frank D. Roylance, The Baltimore Sun

11:06 AM EST, January 12, 2011

Baltimore County will receive more than $4 million in federal funds to help cover the costs of snow cleanup after the back-to-back blizzards in February last year.

The assistance, approved Wednesday by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, will cover 75 percent of the county’s spending on snow removal, including labor and overtime, road salt and contractor services. It represents a 75 percent federal share of the county’s spending.

FEMA officials said they had also approved more than $1 million in weather disaster assistance to the State Highway Administration, and almost $6.5 million to Montgomery County.

The aid is the latest in nearly $81 million in FEMA payments statewide for storm cleanup following record snowfall last year led to federal disaster declarations. Additional aid requests are still being processed. FEMA said.


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