FOP Lodge #4 Election Results for 2013

The following is the results for the 2013 election for FOP Lodge #4.  As a reminder, all line positions (President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, State Trustee and Chaplain) were unopposed with the exception of Sergeant at Arms.

Bro. Ryan Massey vacated his position on the Executive Board of Directors to run for Sergeant at Arms.  As per Article 5 Section 7 B of the Constitution and Bylaws, The Chairperson of the Executive Board of Directors may nominate a qualified Active member to fill the vacated position.  The nomination will be taken before the members of the Executive Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting.

 Upon a majority vote of the Executive Board of Directors attending the meeting, the nominee will be elected and will serve the remaining term of the vacated position.

Sergeant at Arms
**Ryan Massey                     526

Tony DiCara                          408

Executive Board of Directors

**Kathy Kraemer                  694

**Tom Scally                         676

**Jim Rommel                       636

**Lou Lagna                          630

**Mike DiCara                      618

Ryan Franks                          489

Kathy Greenbeck                  390

Greg Huber                           264

**Denotes winner


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