FOP Lodge #4 Prevails against Former County Executive Jim Smith for Violating the Employee Relations Act

The Court of Special Appeals has rendered a decision affirming a July 7, 2010 Circuit Court decision by Judge Martin.  The Court of Special Appeals agrees that, then, County Executive Jim Smith violated the Employee Relations Act when he submitted several Bills from an arbitration award to County  Council.  He was only required to submit those bills that “required an appropriation of funds or the enactment of legislation’.

The decision states in part, “the submission of provisions of the MOU to Count Council that do not require the approval of County Council serves no legitimate purpose….Indeed it appears in the instant case the purpose of the County Executive’s decision to submit the provisions of the MOU that did not require the County Council’s approval was to secure a rejection by the Council, which did in fact occur as the subject of five bills.”

The County continues to raise several arguments which are all rejected by the Court.

You can read the entire decision by clicking  here

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