Form 1099’s

I spoke with a representative from the Baltimore County Retirement Office today.  Apparently, some members have contacted the office because they have not received their 1099.  All 1099’s were mailed out on January 30 &31.  If you have not received yours by today, please contact the pension office and let them know you have not received yours.  The contact number is 410-887-8246 or 1-877-222-3741.  They will take your information and have your 1099 reprinted and sent out to you asap.  For some reason it seems about half of the forms were delivered and the others are unaccounted.

Additionally, the 1099’s for accidental disabilities were not marked correctly.  The income was inadvertently placed in the taxable block instead of the non-taxable block.  Those 1099’s effected are being reprinted and will be sent out asap.  I was not given a time frame, only that it was a top priority.

If you have individual questions concerning your paperwork you should contact the Retirement Office at the numbers listed above.


Dave Rose
2nd Vice President


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