Gardina, Homan, Mohler Tapped For Roles In Kamenetz Administration

… Council will receive list of appointments on Monday …

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Posted 12/03/10

Baltimore County executive-elect Kevin Kamenetz on Friday announced his team of department heads and officials for his administration — including retaining Fred Homan as the county’s administrative officer and a role for Vincent Gardina, the five-term County Council member who elected not to run again in 2010.

Kamenetz officially opens his term Monday with his swearing-in in Towson, and said he will submit the names for review at the County Council’s first meeting Monday afternoon.
Kamenetz said he’ll re-appoint Homan as the county administrative officer, and will tap Arnold Jablon as deputy administrative officer for agency accountability and as the proposed chief of the new Department of Permits, Inspections and Approvals.

That new department is proposed by Kamenetz to succeed to the Office of Permits and Development Management.

Kamenetz said Jablon — who in the past served as a zoning commissioner and county attorney —  will ensure an “efficient and streamlined code enforcement and approval process.”

Gardina is being named to become head of the county’s Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability. 

Gardina, described in the Kamenetz announcement as “the environmental conscience of the council,” holds a master of science degree in civil engineering, and a master of science degree in environmental engineering and has experience as a project manager with Maryland Environmental Services.

Kamenetz also announced that current communications director Don Mohler III will become chief of staff, supervising communications, legislative relations and a new Office of Community Outreach.

Kamenetz’s long-time council aide, Adele Kass, will serve as executive secretary.

A former Kamenetz aide, Cynthia Pollack, will serve as administrative assistant to the county executive.

Homan, Jablon, Mohler, Kass and Pollack will report directly to Kamenetz.

Also, Michael Field, an assistant county attorney since 1997, is being tapped to serve as county attorney, and Gregory Gaskins will become  deputy county attorney.

Gaskins and Kamenetz were fellow prosecutors in the State’s Attorney’s office in the 1980s.

Other department heads being asked to return include Police Chief James Johnson and Health Department Director Dr. Gregory Branch.

Kamenetz announced he will conduct an executive search to recruit directors for the departments of economic development and planning.

Michael Mayhew will serve as interim acting director of planning and Stanley Jacobs will serve as interim acting director of economic development until the executive searches are completed.
The County Council must confirm department head appointments within 40 days of submission.

In his announcement, Kamenetz said he’s spoken to all seven members of the County Council about the nominations, “and I am confident that they will move quickly to consider these recommendations.”

Earlier this week, Kamenetz announced plans to merge the Office of Sustainability into the Department of Environmental Protection; the Office of Community Conservation into the offices of Planning, Public Works and Social Services; the Office of Workforce Development into the Department of Economic Development;  and the responsibilities of the Labor Commissioner into the Director of Human Resources.

He also announced the transition of the Zoning Commissioner, Deputy Zoning Commissioner and Hearing Officer positions into a newly created Office of Administrative Law.

Kamenetz said those moves, combined with an eventual elimination of 143 county positions through vacancies and attrition, would save about $8 million in the county budget.

Kamenetz appointees

Baltimore County executive-elect Kamenetz will send the following department nominations to the County Council on Monday:
Administrative Law Judge (designated as Zoning Commissioner) — Lawrence Stahl
Administrative Law Judge (designated as Deputy Zoning Commissioner) — John Beverungen
Aging — Joanne Williams
Budget and Finance — Keith Dorsey
Corrections — James O’Neill
Environmental Protection and Sustainability — Vince Gardina
Fire Chief — John Hohman
Health — Dr. Gregory Branch
Human Resources — George Gay
Information Technology — Robert Stradling
Law — Michael Field
Permits, Inspections and Applications — Arnold Jablon
Police Chief — James Johnson
Public Works — Edward Adams Jr.
Recreation and Parks — Barry Williams
Social Services — Timothy Griffith

Although not subject to council confirmation, Timothy Kotroco would serve as an administrative law judge in the Office of Administrative Hearings.

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