Get Set For More Traffic Cameras

Thursday, December 29, 2011
Steve Fermier and The Examiner

WBAL’s Steve Fermier reports that more traffic enforcement cameras are planned for the new year.

Get ready for more speed cameras on Maryland streets and highways in the new year.

And we don’t mean a smattering.

Prince George’s County, for one, is planning to add about six new traffic cameras each month.

At last check more than 40 counties and communities had speed and stop light camera systems installed around the state.

That’s since the Assembly approved cameras in 2009 at construction zones and schools.

An effort to put approval before voters in a referendum later failed.

Critics charge that the cameras are nothing more than a revenue grab while police and safety officials argue that they do work to bring speeds down.

The city of Baltimore has earned more than $12 million this past year from cameras, The Examiner reported.

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