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S.B. 5 Passes Ohio Legislature …

Chuck Canterbury, National President of the Fraternal Order of Police, pledged to continue the fight against legislation that would diminish the rights of law enforcement officers in the State of Ohio.

“This bill was not about saving money or balancing budgets,” Canterbury said.  “This was political payback to public sector unions who have been painted as an enemy of the people and the communities they serve so loyally.  This law is unjust, it is bad policy and it will not stand for long.”

The State Assembly passed S.B. 5 and sent the measure to Governor John R. Kasich (R), who is expected to sign the bill today.  Once signed into law, more than 360,000 public employees–including law enforcement officers– will lose rights they have had for decades.

“Those who would endanger public safety by pandering to a political fad, those who would put our streets and neighborhoods in jeopardy to grab a headline or achieve an ideological goal have betrayed the public trust and there will be consequences for these politicians who have taken us down this reckless path,” Canterbury said.  “The National FOP stands with its brothers and sisters in Ohio and across the United States–this fight is not over.”

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