Grand Lodge News: Supplement to Legislative Update

National Secretary Pat Yoes asked that this letter form the Louisiana State Lodge be sent out with Weekly Legislative Update.  It is included here as a supplement to that report.

December 3, 2010

Brothers and Sisters,

Recently you received the National FOP’s response to Senator Reid’s
introduction of a new version of the Collective Bargaining Legislation.
Regretfully, what the Grassroots release failed to include with its
harsh words for Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu was the well documented
Louisiana State Lodge’s position in opposition of Senator Landrieu’s

The Louisiana FOP has taken several measures to combat this injustice
perpetrated by the Reid-Landrieu connection.  We have long fought
attempts of this proposed change several times in the recent years.
Although we had a productive dialog with Senator Landrieu in the past,
our access and influence diminished following her endorsement for
reelection by the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association.

We have visited with Senator Landrieu and her staff on several occasions
expressing our strong opposition; along with visits to the Louisiana
congressional delegation for the purpose of explicitly voicing our
opposition to any attempts to diminish the rights of peace officers in

Members of the Louisiana State Lodge and I have met with Director Pasco
and President Canterbury informally and formally and expressed these
views to them.

I applaud the position opposing this amended version of the legislation,
but since these facts were not mentioned in the National’s press release
I want to assure our brothers and sisters across the nation that we in
Louisiana stand united and will only accept the best for all of our

Patrick Yoes
State President

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