“Illegals” Indicted In Fake Document Investigation

Wednesday, August 03, 2011 – Steve Fermier and Baltimore Sun
The feds say they’ve broken up a counterfeiting ring in Fells Point that was selling fake immigration papers.The bogus identification documents allegedly netted upwards of nearly 2 million dollars over three years.Eight men were indicted recently on charges that they made customers pay 8 dollars apiece for the false documents.

All eight of the suspects are in Maryland “illegally.”

The Sun reported that an official with the advocacy group Casa de Maryland denied any knowledge of the operation.

The official, Kim Propeack, said that Maryland has protection in place for anyone defrauded by such activity.



… If the MD “DREAM Act” nightmare was enacted these “illegals” could have learned to do these things at college for in-state tuition cost.  Now, isn’t that special? …


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